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Orphan Black season 1: review and discussion — August 8, 2017

Orphan Black season 1: review and discussion


I’ll be honest, it’s been a wee while since I watched it. And by wee I mean more than two months. I have actually binged four seasons, and am waiting for the fifth to finish so I can binge that as well.

I’ll be talking only about season 1, though, because it’ll be easier to avoid any spoilers. And plus, I love season 1 SO MUCH more than the others.

What is the show all about?

We start off with a woman called Sarah witnessing another woman’s suicide by jumping in front of a running train. And if that wasn’t shocking enough, the other woman looked EXACTLY like Sarah.

long lost twins?

Sarah steals Beth’s purse and investigates. Beth’s ID could TOTALLY pass for her, and after talking to her foster brother (and awesome sidekick) Felix, she decides that she has to check out Beth’s life.

Now, Sarah’s only goal is to get some money and get away to a nice life with her daughter Kira and Felix. So when she looks into Beth’s accounts, she finds that Beth was sitting on a huge lump of money. Sarah decides to impersonate Beth by dying her hair, watching videos to get how Beth acts and quickly puts things in motion at the bank.

But it can’t be that simple.

Later, she finds out that Beth is actually a cop who is on suspension due to unreasonable civilian shooting. Oh and Sarah’s ex-boyfriend returns looking to make Sarah payback for the drugs she stole from him to sell. On top of that, Beth’s husband Paul returns home and starts being suspicious. If all of this wasn’t enough, she finds more women who look exactly like her.

She learns from them that all of them are clones as part of an illegal experiment, and things get messier when someone starts killing them off.

So the basic concept is..

Cloning. There is a LOT of biology and science facts, lots of new information we learn as viewers about DNA and genes. The women also try to find out who actually made them and this leads us into a pool of so much more science and theories.

But the show is also about identity. It revolves all these women who look exactly like each other and are only different by the world they lived/live in. It’s about owning yourself and being individual even with other versions of YOU running around.

My reaction to season 1

I think it’s BRILLIANT.

  • I loved the idea of cloning and versions of one person in different settings. It’s almost like parallel universe lives, in the same world.
  • I also loved the science. It was so interesting to listen about all these topics that I wouldn’t have bothered to read on otherwise. Quite a few times I went online to find out more about the theories and how it all works. It fed the nerd in me.
  • It also had a danger element with the killings, which added the action factor into the show. When they find out the identity of the killer? It’s even better.
  • The interactions between the clones was SO FUN to watch. It’s like long lost sisters meeting each other, forming bonds and becoming family. There comes a point when you’re really unsure who to trust, but you can always count on your sister clones.

Tatiana Maslany is one BRILLIANT AF actress. She plays half the main cast. Every time I see her listed in the cast list, or an award nomination, it’s so different when you see it written like, “Tatitana Maslany as Sarah/Allison/Cosima/Beth…..etc.” The way she tries to keep the characters distinct and how we KNOW which character is really on screen even when one clone is impersonating another—brilliant. I can’t stop saying that word.

My take on the characters:

  • Sarah grew up in the foster care system and her life is mostly in the shady parts of town. She absolutely LOVES her daughter, and pretty much doesn’t think of anyone else. On occasion, Felix, but not very often. One thing that bothered me about her was how she treated Felix throughout the seasons. He’s always there for her, but she doesn’t give him some slack when he wants time of his own. Every time there’s a problem, she drags Felix into it and expects him to leave all else and help.
  • Felix is the BEST. SIDEKICK. EVER. He’s always there for Sarah, and later for other clones as well. It’s like he’s the honorary member of the Clone Club. He’s badass, fun, loyal, caring and everything awesome. I absolutely loved him.
  • Allison is the soccer mom version of Sarah. Honestly, the hair, makeup and mannerisms are so different in acting that I might have realised she’s a clone only a few minutes later, if they hadn’t said it themselves. She’s a mom of two, living in the suburbs with her picture-perfect, white-picket-fence family. On the surface, she seems as a simple person, with only one face. But as we go, we find out so many layers to her character. I don’t love her, but she’s interesting to follow.
  • Cosima is probably my most favourite clone. It’s a tie between her and another clone (spoiler so I’m not saying the name). She is a genius and I love her nerdiness, science mind and how she’s damn good at what she knows and does.

You might like the show if you love

  • science stuff
  • interesting theories and conspiracies
  • shows that have a LOT going on
  • and getting hooked into shows with new ideas


Now for the actual discussion part (INCLUDES SPOILERS):

If you don’t wish to be spoiled, stop reading here or skip this whole section and go to the overall below.

I liked Paul! But I also didn’t? I’m someone who loves a romantic aspect in every story I read/see and he gave me that so yeah. I don’t think I particularly like him for anything other than how he refused to betray Sarah and fell in love with her. But as the seasons went on, I started hating him. Especially in season 3. I was so done with his character. I’m glad he died.

Helena was AWESOME. I LOVED seeing her on-screen with her complex personality. It’s a tie between her and Cosima for my favourite clone. I really loved her interactions, how she’s almost like a child, but can turn into a badass killer when needed. Throughout the seasons, I always loved watching her.

I did NOT like Siobhan, Sarah and Felix’s foster mom. I always felt like she has some hidden agenda. Always.

Donnie was dumb? Like, I never liked his character. Maybe he’s suitable for Allison but honestly, I just felt like he was dumb. And very gullible.

Dr. Leekie (is that how to spell his name?) was freaky. With his evolutionism and stuff. So weird.

I liked Cosima and Delphine’s romance! It was nice to see. They’re probably my most favourite couple of the show. But then, I didn’t like them that much either. The romance really takes a backseat in this show.



I absolutely loved it. I DEFINITELY recommend it to everyone. It’s not that popular, and I’m quite surprised! I think it should be popular.

To be honest, my interest started waning as the seasons went. Too much was added in and it became so complex and out of hand. I’m kinda glad the show is ending after season 5. But season 1 will always be gold.


Have you watched the show? If not, would you? Are you a science nerd? Do you know anymore shows with really cool storylines? 


Gossip Girl (season 1): review and discussion — June 3, 2017

Gossip Girl (season 1): review and discussion

gossip girl.png

My classes are over and exams are looming ahead, which makes it the perfect time to binge-watch some shows! So I googled for lists and decided to give Gossip Girl a shot, especially since Aditi absolutely LOVES the show.

To be honest, I never thought the show would be my thing because I usually don’t like shows with drama, elitist circles and all of that. But you never know until you try, right?

What is the show all about?

Revolving around the lives of Manhattan’s elite, Gossip Girl is a blog which reports on all the juicy gossip and drama occuring in their lives. No one knows her (or his, let’s be open-minded) identity. Most gossip comes from “tips” submitted by sources who happen to spot or hear something. And many times, Gossip Girl is used as a weapon of revenge against enemies by revealing secrets.

My reaction to season 1

It’s not bad! This would be my reply. I’m not overly attached with the show because as I said, it isn’t my usual cup of tea. But I didn’t hate it.

The main storyline of season 1 revolves around Dan and Serena falling in love. Yes, there are other main characters as well, but this was the only constant throughout.

My take on the characters:

  • Serena Van der Woodsen: the reformed bad girl who suddenly comes back home a year after disappearing into thin air. I didn’t like her that very much. I could see her efforts to change, but she relapsed a few times. And I hated how she kept a lot of things secret from Dan assuming he’ll judge her. She never gave him the chance.
  • Dan Humphrey: goody-two-shoes from Brooklyn going to the elite school through a partial scholarship. Smart, isn’t like the others in the school, quite judgemental, really sweet guy, and has had a crush on Serena for two years.
  • Blair Waldorf: two-faced scheming “Queen of the school”, throws a lot of parties, loves getting even and revenge plots, worries about image. Childish at times. Definitely my least favourite character.
  • Nate Archibald: poster boy for the elite. Good looking, gentleman, cares about everyone’s feelings, clueless about choices a lot. He’s the boy who’s being forced into a future he doesn’t like by the family who have a certain reputation to uphold.
  • Chuck Bass: billionare bad-boy. Spends most of his nights with girl(s), careless most of the time, has daddy issues, the perfect scheming partner for Blair and Nate’s best friend. Signature dialogue—”I am Chuck Bass”.
  • Jenny Humphrey: Dan’s little sister, social climber, runs around most of the time doing Blair’s bidding in an effort to be in Blair’s inner circle. Also is Blair 2.0 when she decides to go against Blair.
  • Vanessa Abrams: Dan’s best friend, homeschooled, really cool girl to hang with, loyal, and can I just mention that she looks amazing even in casual wear?
  • Eric Van der Woodsen: Serena’s younger brother. Apparently has mental health issues but I never saw any trace of it throughout the show except mentions to the past. That was unrealistic. You don’t just become alright and have no trace of earlier struggles.
  • Lilly Van der Woodsen: Serena and Eric’s mum. Totally screwed up love life. Not a model mum.
  • Rufus Humphrey: Dan and Jenny’s dad. I LOVED him. Such a cool dad.

Why you might like the show:

Drama. If you love

  • watching drama unfold, especially in the lives of (mostly) rich people
  • all the undercurrents of love affairs
  • plotting and scheming
  • lies and cover-ups, and
  • secrets being revealed in a very public way which sets off ripples,

this show is YOUR THING.

I think what I liked most was watching the reactions of characters and further actions when secrets were dropped like bombs. I LOVE big reveals.

Now for the actual discussion part (INCLUDES SPOILERS):

If you don’t wish to be spoiled, do NOT read further. 

I liked this season mainly because of Dan and Serena’s relationship. They just fit, you know? But always the problem of the difference in their lives was something they COULDN’T get past. Dan with the easy judging and Serena with her secrets—they were P.E.R.F.E.C.T. excluding these issues. I really loved them and shipped them hard though. So in the end when they broke up? I was heartbroken.

Nate and Blair were only together because of their families but were NOT right for each other. I was so glad when they broke up. And Blair and Chuck are definitely a better couple.

I did NOT like Jenny. The way she just wanted to be part of the high crowd instead of staying true to herself,even though she kept telling Dan that she would never lose herself. At least in the end she decided to stop and give up. Better than fighting more and ruining things more.

Georgina was a bitch! Sorry for the cursing, but she was. I hated her. I’ve seen the actress previously ​on screen in the movie Ice Princess, where she was as innocent as you can be, and it was a little weird to see her playing the devil. The two-faced thing really worked here. Blair shutting her down in the end was the BEST. I loved how it occurred.

The Lilly-Rufus thing was pretty weird. At one point I thought Jenny and Eric would get together as well, and I was slightly grossed out by the idea that Rufus and Lilly’s love for each other was passed down to their kids. Although I did think Lilly and Rufus were best for each other, I really shipped Dan and Serena. When the kids broke up in the end, I was pissed! Serena asked her mom to not go with Rufus only to screw it up with herself and Dan. No one was happy in the end!


The show wasn’t bad. Not entirely my thing, but I enjoyed it a bit. It’s not like the usual shows I watch.

Have you watched Gossip Girl? What’s your take on it?

The Space Between Us || the story I wanted without knowing it — February 15, 2017

The Space Between Us || the story I wanted without knowing it


Name of the movie: The Space Between Us

Director: Peter Chelsom

Starring cast: Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, Gary Oldman, Carla Gugino

Genres: Romance, Drama, Adventure

Duration: 2 hours

Released: Early 2017 (dates differ in different countries)

An STX Entertainment movie.


I saw the trailer for this movie when I went for La la land with my friends, and I loved it. All of us said that we HAVE to watch it when it releases. We’d never heard of the movie, but then there wasn’t much advertisement for it. When it did release, it was only showing for three days in the theater nearest, which SUCKED because we couldn’t postpone it! Finally, my friends dropped out and I went with my mom (which was a bit awkward). Until then I lived on trailers and clips on YouTube.

Why I wanted to watch it:

  • Asa Butterfield. He is SO CUTE. I’ve never come across him before. And I really loved his character, Gardner Elliot, in the trailer.
  • Britt Robertson. I wouldn’t she’s one of my absolute favourite actresses, but I do like everything she’s acted in. The Secret Circle (TV show which showed only one season, to my dismay) and The First Time (movie with Dylan O’Brien). I’ve been stalking her Wiki page to watch more but haven’t gotten to it yet.
  • THE PLOT. I’ll get to it in a minute.
The Plot

In 2018, six astronauts go on a mission to Mars, not to visit, but to live there. Only after did they realise that one of them in pregnant. Shortly after their landing on Mars, she goes into labour and dies giving birth to Garnder. Then, forward to sixteen years later where technology has improved (but not that much). Gardner is smart—basically a genius. He has known only 14 people in his life and dreams of going to Earth. He also talks to a street-smart girl named Tulsa (who lives on Earth) on the internet. She doesn’t know he lives on Mars, of course.

There, of course, has been talk by the company leading the mission about bringing Gardner back to Earth but he apparently can’t handle the Earth’s gravity. His heart is too large, bone density different etc. And also they have to keep up their PR. So, Gardner remains a secret from almost everyone.

Sixteen years later, they finally bring him to Earth. But, they do a load of tests and he realises that the other never meant to let him free as he’s a secret. Therefore, he runs away and goes to Tulsa. This ends up in them going on a road trip, him learning ways of Earth, trying to find his father and also falling in love.

(While getting the links for the trailers, I ended up watching them again and swooning)

My views in a list:
  • Gardner is PERFECT. Asa Butterfield did a splendid job on acting. It felt so real.
  • Tulsa. She’s a street-smart girl who is in foster care. I honestly didn’t like her character very much. She was nice, but Gardner took my heart.
  • The beginning. Too much time was spent on Gardner’s mom and her her pregnancy time. I could have gone with a five minute introduction because quite a few scenes weren’t required.
  • Representation of Earth. Since we all live here, we take most of it for granted. But seeing Gardner see Earth for the first time, I saw through new eyes too and there is so much beauty.
  • Gardner is a romantic. I love that he simply blurts out if he thinks Tulsa is beautiful. And his lines were really cheesy in some places, but I did kinda like it. Coming from him, it felt natural, not scripted.
  • Kendra. I really liked her as a mother figure. She raised Gardner on Mars. She’s really cool.
  • Gardner learning the ways of Earth were MY FAVOURITE THINGS. 
  • The romance was really cute and fluffy. I loved it. Essentially the movie is a love story. It gave me so many feels.
  • The ending. The last scenes were open ended. It shows us about what would happen in the future, but also not giving us that. I have a love-hate relationship with it. I have to admit—it’s a brilliant tactic by the writers. How much every fluffy they would have made the ending if they showed it, people would have found ways it could be better. An open ending leaves us to possibilities, and therefore leaving us happy to our own imagination.

LOVED the movie. I am totally going to download it later and keep it. I already want to re-watch it. Highly recommended if you like YA romances.


Movies set in high school || my favourites — June 14, 2016

Movies set in high school || my favourites

I’m a sucker for chick flicks and movies about love stories in high school. My absolute favourite? Cinderella stories. I LOVE movies about totally unpopular, weird and introverted girls and popular, good-looking guys. Cliche, yes, but ❤

Today, I’m here with some of my favourite moves that take place in high school or between teenagers.

1. A Cinderella Story

2. Another Cinderella Story

3. A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song

I just told ya, cinderella stories are bae. So I HAD to mention these.

4. Radio Rebel

This movie is one of my all time favourites. If you haven’t watched it yet, DO. It’s a type of cinderella story, again. Tara is an underground anonymous radio show host (who is super popular) and is crushing on Gavin, who is a band-member and songwriter i.e. a newborn-pop. Just watch it.

5. Starstruck

My love has no bounds for this movie, which is ALSO a type of cinderella story. (Maybe I should just rename this post “movies based on Cinderella”). Christopher Wilde is a big name in the music industry and Jessica’s sister is his “number one fan”. When her sister drags her to one of Christopher’s shows, Jessica stumbles upon him (she doesn’t like him AT ALL btw). From there on starts him trying to get her to like him, friendship, fights and a cute love story.

6. Teen Beach Movie

I found this movie way late, because I kind of refused to watch new Disney movies since I though they weren’t as good. But this one was put in a list with my favourites so I decided to watch it, and I loved it. I even did post about it and its sequel.

7. Camp Rock

I like this one significantly more than it’s sequel. Now, do I really need to talk about it? I’m sure you know this movie. We grew up with it! Not as popular as HSM, but popular enough.

8. Geek Charming

Reverse Cinderella and Prince Charming’s roles, now you get what this movie is about. Dylan is the school diva and really popular while Josh is a nerdy unpopular kid. He wants to film her life and make a documentary on it decoding popular people’s lives, and this gets them together.

9. Princess Protection Program

Another one of my all time favourites. Less about romance, more about friendship. If I start, I’ll give the whole story off while gushing. If you haven’t watched this, OH COME ON! GO WATCH, NOW!

10. Frenemies

This is a cute film with three short stories about frenemies-friends who become enemies and make up again later. There is a small dose of romance, but not much. It’s pretty good, not as favourite as the above mentioned ones, but I like it enough.

And that’s enough, I suppose.

Have you watched any of the movies I mentioned? What are your views?

Also, if you can recommend some like these, I’d be grateful 😛

Anyone else have an obsession with first episodes? — May 19, 2016

Anyone else have an obsession with first episodes?

Because I do.

We all watch TV shows and we watch many. The thing is, it’s hard not to watch many because most of them are amazing. The 100, Once Upon A Time, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Arrow, Teen Wolf, the whole SuperWhoLock.. and various others.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched any of them completely. I haven’t watched even one of Doctor Who. I’m so behind but I know that if I start, I will get sucked into it and it will take a huge chunk out of my daily life where I read, do some activity or go outside. It will also cut into my time with the fangirling and possibly stop me from doing something productive.

At times when I am free but I have things and dtes looming up, I can’t start watching new shows. Therefore, I end up watching first episode of old shows.

I loved first episodes. The 100 starting with Clark sketching on the floor and narrating the history; supernatural when we see Sam’s life and Dean barrelling in; Once Upon A Time with Emma’s lonely life and Henry knocking and dragging her to Storybrooke; Shoadowhunters with the introduction theme song and Clary bumping into Jace; and I could go on and on.

I replay these episodes. I love seeing where it all started, what was the catalyst and how they go on with it. First episodes are definitely my favourite.

I know this post is slightly on the shorter side but if I have to continue, I’ll just be saying the same thing.

Do you like first episodes like me? What shows are your most favourite?

Watching PKYEK — April 13, 2016

Watching PKYEK

This post gets funny at the end, at least, I think so.

For a few days now, I’ve been binge watching an Indian TV serial that used to run years back. When it came on TV, I was in eigth grade and watched half-through but left it. I felt like watching it again so I am.

Indian shows are filled with drama, enough to have the cup overflowing. Most times, I hate that. So much drama, pauses where there is only background music and shots showing the people’s faces from different angles for MINUTES- all that wears my patience thin. But if you find the right show, the rest of the stupid drama makes it worth it.

Pyaar kii yeh ek kahani was inspired by Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. I read about vampires, saw a couple twilight films by the time it aired. I was happy because I could tell my mom I’m watching an Indian show and she would let me, while it was about supernatural things. It had a lot of drama, yes, and damn the stupid stuff about vampires. Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually really entertaining, but sometimes the blue glowing eyes made me irritated.

So! A few days back I was uninspired to write my novel, already put a blog post and didn’t want to spam and I decided to binge-watch the show. Let me break what I thought about it into points:

  • Instead of being aggravated by stupid shows of vamp looks, I was amused by them.
  • All the dragging parts with nothing but shots of the actors faces could be skipped by me now, so I didn’t get much irritated.
  • A lot of the funny scenes which I moderately laughed at earlier now made me laugh so hard. My cheek bones ached so much.
  • The Indian humour and dab of drama combined with the supernatural storyline made it unique.
  • I found myself drawn to the family drama scenes more than romance.
  • I found myself basically skipping romance looks and touches and stuff to go to the family scenes.
  • Times when I didn’t skip, I sang along loudly with the background music, laughing instead of going awwwww. 
  • I understood so much more.

Explaining my last point, I mean that earlier all I used to see was the romance between Pia and Abhay. I noticed hardly anything else. But now, as I’ve grown and am more perceptive, I see how one of the side characters went through so much more and was hurt beyond repair, I recognised the sisterly bond value, partners sticking together through thick and thin, one character trying to redeem himself and so much more.

In short, I realised how narrow minded and stupidly only stuck on love my 12 year old self was.

You might want to stop reading here because after this point is very long and basically nonsense that I felt like sharing. It is the funny part, though.

Yesterday, I was watching it and also chatting with my friend. I was going crazy. The most funny part? He didn’t have a clue as to what I’m talking about. Attaching screenshots of the shiz..

I apologise for any and all curse words and profanities in the messages. Oh and I will explain all the hindi phrases. Also, understand that I was pretty high on laughter so my english sucked in the messages.

NOTE: I’m putting collages of two pictures at a time so if you’re viewing on your phone, you might want to change to landscape view.

“Piya samajhne ki koshish karo” translates to “Piya try to understand”. The other quotes after that is me saying their dialogue in a stupid way, trying to be funny.

A few episodes I just read up summary cuz I was too impatient for the main climax scenes, that’s what I meant by the “happening” message.

Hindi telly me feel nahi he” means “hindi telly doesn’t give feelings”

That was me warning him about setting himself up to be tortured by my rants.

*I call my friend DJ.

I typed out the lyrics as I was singing them 😛 “Piya kaha ho tum” is “Piya where are you?”

scnety/senti is short for sentimental. DJ said “one side senti story and one side this” as in this shit *excuses myself to laugh again reading this stupidity*

Lou here is love. The recording had me saying “DJ! DJ! u wont believe this shit he pushed her away! the woman saved n he pushed her away and someone brought her out from above and she is still delirious saying are you my angel but the guy who pulled her up stuuuupid guy I hate him dammmnitt!”. “Baarat ka gaana” -> they played the song usually for marriage ceremonies for some scene relating to some side characters.

“Mama, subheh subheh kyun paka rahi ho” is some girl telling her mom, “why are you irritating me morning morning”. The crude translation of paka is fry. We say, “why you frying me” for irritating.

AAAAND THAT IS IT! I decided to spare him (and now you) of my high-ness.

Let me know anything about TV shows you watch and whether this was even funny. If it wasn’t, well.. *coughs* *slides away*



Teen Beach movies — January 25, 2016

Teen Beach movies


I only recently watched these Disney movies and-I loved it! Honestly, I prefer the old movies and television shows by the channel than the new ones. I apologise to anyone who likes it the other way round. So, when, the other day I searched for movies like (insert Disney movies I love), this popped up as one and I was surprised since it came out in 2013. I was intrigued as to whether it is actually good enough, therefore I watched it.

Cannot say I’m disappointed! I love the theme, the story, the characters (played very well by the cast) while also having the old Disney charm of making itself placed into teenagers’ hearts and sometimes also adults.

In case you haven’t watched it yet, here is a short synopsis about what its on (so you don’t have to go to Wikipedia and spoil the story for yourself by reading the plot):

  Teen Beach movie

images (2)
This is where it all starts.

The film portrays two teenagers, McKenzie “Mac” and Brady, who met this summer and have become extremely close to each other through their love of surfing. The problem (there has to be one) is that as per a deal made years back, Mac has to move in with her aunt and join a prep school. This, obviously, isn’t what Brady or Mac want. But Mac has decided that she will fulfil her mom’s dream of higher education and becoming successful in life. Mac, since she is going away, breaks up with Brady.

The day of her flight, there’s a storm and Mac goes in to surf. The waves become dangerous and Brady goes in to get her out. In the process, with Mac’s surfboard doing some magic, they end up-guess where-in a movie!

They have come out of the ocean into Brady’s favourite movie where it’s all perfect- people come out of the water dry, wake up with perfect make up and have impromptu dances. It’s basically a 1967 musical movie.

images (4)
We see Brady join in the dance that he always wanted to be a part of.

It’s really teenager-ish, movie-ish, with some magic and switcheroo thrown in. You like Disney movies such as Camp rock and High school musical? Then you’ll love this too.

images (5)
In the end, there’s also a little impromptu dance shiz in the real world led by Mac and Brady. Perfect way to end the movie.

Teen beach movie 2

I’m not going to say much about this since it’ll spoil the first movie for you. But here’s one fact: Lela and Tanner from the movie come into OUR WORLD with some-you guessed it-unknown magic. It’s the other way round from the first movie and, it was so good! I loved the end part and I just can’t gush enough.


Have you watched the movies? Your thoughts?

‘Shadowhunters’ premiere — January 16, 2016

‘Shadowhunters’ premiere

Are you a TMI ( The Mortal Instruments) fan? If you are, you definitely would have heard about the tv show Shadowhunters based on the book series by Cassandra Clare. I must say, the amount of fanfare they have been receiving in phenomenal.

When I first saw the movie, I had strong opinions. Loved Lily Collins and Jamie Bower, could even overlook the fact that they didn’t exactly match the character description. But the storyline change and especially in the end when they spoilt it by saying that Clary and Jace are not siblings? Total buzzkill.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie

So when a second chance was given as a tv show? *fist pump!* The social media news and constant updates from the cast helped in increasing the fanbase, creating hype and keeping everyone on the edge. I admit, when Clare said that the movie was more faithful to the original story than the books, I was disappointed again. But I had time to get over it and the lack of expectation that everything will be exactly the same helped in getting into the show when I saw the premiere.

The show, as I expected, garnered mixed feelings from the whole populace. If you’re not expecting or haven’t read the books, I figure you will love it. On the other hand, if you expect a perfect book-to-screen adaptation, you will be disappointed. The books aside, I liked the first episode so I will continue watching it.

Shadowhunters episode 1
Shadowhunters episode 1


If you’re having trouble finding links online to watch the show,

  1. Type ‘watchseries’ in google
  2. Click the first link
  3. Type Shadowhunters in search bar
  4. Violá! List of episodes will be shown
  5. Click which episode and choose a streaming site of your wish
  6. Make sure to avoid pop ups
  7. Enjoy!

Want to ask or tell me something? Don’t hesitate to comment!