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July Wrap-up (I binged a lot + I’m now obsessed with slime) — August 1, 2017

July Wrap-up (I binged a lot + I’m now obsessed with slime)


Okay, HOW. Someone tell me¬†how has this month also gone by quickly? I’m done with my semester 2 finals, am on a short holiday before the next semester begins a week later (yes my “vacations” are pretty much non-existent) and I have done absolutely nothing this semester.

I saw this post on bookfangeek on Instagram, and it is completely relatable:


The more I get into college, the more I feel like I don’t do anything? All my time goes in college classes, work and travelling. *sigh*

Aanyway, this post isn’t about me ranting about doing absolutely nothing in life.


Book reviews I published in July:

Other posts:

june wrap-up

book blogger insider

10 advantages of reading as a hobby

5 books I loved but haven't reviewed

5 books I loved but haven't reviewed (1)

a year of bullet journalling

Favourite songs of the month

TV shows I watched:

I had binged three seasons of Game of Thrones in the holidays between semesters 1 and 2, so I continued bingeing from 4. I’m in season 6 right now, and yes I have to watch fast because season 7 is amazing (I’ve heard).

I also binge-watched Riverdale, finally. I LOVED it. I can’t wait for season 2! Jughead is definitely my favourite character.


What I “discovered” this month

This is a new section I’m adding this month, under which I’m talking about any new blogs, youtube channels, authors, whatever else I “discovered”. As in, I’m newly introduced to.

As you know, I finished up with my finals and I have been spending the last week looking through social media. Here’s what I found:


So first up, is Brooklyn and Bailey. My best friend DJ told me to check out Grace VanderWaal, a young teen who won America’s Got Talent. I’m not in America, so excuse me if I don’t follow some of the shows. Anyway, I did check out her songs (she’s really good!) and I saw one video of her performing in VidCon. She was introduced on stage by twins and I wanted to know more about the twins. They looked like YouTubers. I perused the comments until I got their names and watched a bunch of their videos. I mainly like their vlogs, but I’m not sure of all the content so I’m not subscribing to them just yet.


Through twitter I found LilyCReads and checked out her videos. I really like the way she talks and somehow her profanity use makes her videos all the more interesting. She’s definitely someone I could see being friends with, if we met in real life. I watched a bunch of her videos as well, and I subscribed to her channel.


I’ve also caught an obsession for slimes. All the slimes I’ve seen previously are the ones used for pranks i.e. they look ugly and are very sticky. But I saw one video on Instagram’s explore tab of someone playing with slime. Nice looking slime.

I have never known of slimes as something to play with as an anxiety/stress reliever. I have never before heard of slimes in different colours looking PRETTY. I have never before heard of SCENTED slimes.

I. AM. SOLD. My favourite slimes are the butter slimes, followed by ones with beads in them. ūüėć

I now follow a bunch of slime accounts/shops on Instagram. I can’t afford the shipping to buy them, but I’m going with the “if you can’t play with it, watch someone do the same” analogy. The satisfaction of watching those videos ūüėć

Here are some of my favourite slime accounts:

I’ve also been irritating DJ by sending him the best slime videos I see. Who else am I going to share my enthusiasm with if not my best friends? Also, I used to share with Hema but she HATES slimes so I let her off.


And that’s pretty much it for this month!

How was YOUR July? Anything notable happen? What new things did you “discover”? Do you watch BrooklynandBailey and LilyCReads on YouTube? Do you love or hate slimes? Let me know below! Also, if you’ve done a wrap-up, do comment the link so I can check it out!

June Wrap-up — July 1, 2017

June Wrap-up

june wrap-up.png

I can’t believe June is already over.

I’m two finals done, six more to go and I’m SO READY TO BE OVER WITH THIS SEMESTER. Aargh!

Okay, to the wrap-up.

Book reviews:

I’ve been so lazy to write reviews this month. I’m about six reviews behind right now. Definitely will be getting to them as soon as I can. (I’m in finals-mode right now) (and am stress-reading books) (excessively)

Other blog posts:


gossip girl

top ten (or five)



top ten series

top ten 5 star reads of 2017

July bullet journal

8 songs I've listened to on repeat recently


Anything else?

Really loved this post called 3 simple habits that will make you feel successful by Abbie that I think y’all should check it out.


And that’s it. Sorry for the short, blunt post. Right when I have exams, I have so much inspiration to blog but I can’t because I really want to study and get my GPA up.

Therefore, I’m cutting this post off here, waving you good bye with a mournful face and getting back to my books.


What was your favourite post that I published this month? How was your June? Anything new happen? ¬†Tell me all about it in the comments. And do give me the link to your wrap-up, if you’ve posted one. Just because I have to be studying, doesn’t mean I won’t spend some time online reading your posts.

April (and May) recap + I’m back from my hiatus! — June 1, 2017

April (and May) recap + I’m back from my hiatus!

april wrap-up+ I'm back!.png

Hey everyone! It’s been a whole month since you’ve gotten a peep from me on this blog. Well, I’m back from my hiatus now, so worry not! You shall get a dose of my awesomeness (*cough*) frequently!

I also didn’t do a wrap-up for April since I went off, so let’s get down to that first thing!

Book reviews

Guest posts

Other posts



Writing under 25 words (1)

ten things that will make me NOT want to reason a book immediately

The Writer's ink challenge

7 books I need to read ASAP

ten things that will make me want to read a book immediately

Favourites in music

TV shows I watched

13 reasons why‚ÄĒobviously! I watched it the week it came out. I had read the book a little over a year back and really wanted to check it out. It made me feel so much, especially in the last few episodes! ūüíĒ

I watched the first two seasons of Gossip Girl and then I gave up on it. The first season was okay, but I trudged through the second hoping that a miracle would occur but no such luck. Then I moved on to..

Orphan Black! I had heard of it before but never knew what it what about, and I couldn’t understand properly in a synopsis as well. So I jumped right into it and LOVED the first season! My enthusiasm slowly decreased after that but I shall elaborate later.

And with later, I mean in my reviews. I’m planning on posting reviews on both Gossip Girl and Orphan Black talking about what I thought in detail. Coming soon!

I also took a decision and deleted my Instagram

I’m talking about @mebeingquixotic where I posted pictures of books and bullet journalling. I’ve been finding it hard to cope up with college, life, blog AND Instagram. So I took this hiatus to think about it and I deleted the Instagram account last week.

I felt really guilty for not giving it enough attention and sometimes I’d go more than a week before posting anything on it. And besides, the account hadn’t grown AT ALL in about three months, and I wasn’t happy with it as well. So, yeah. I deleted it. I will still definitely be on twitter though, no need to worry about that. I like it a little too much. ūüėõ
And that’s it for April! I shall see you in a couple of days with all-new posts and renewed energy. Until then!

How was YOUR April? And May? What did I miss? Tell me everything! 

I’m going on a hiatus! — April 29, 2017

I’m going on a hiatus!

Hey everyone!

It’s been over a year since I started blogging and I’ve seen loads of bloggers go on hiatuses. Yet, I feel a little guilty going on one.

Life is a bit hectic now, with college, some extra activities, reading and keeping up with friends. I’m spending a LOT of time with friends and making sure my relationship stays with as many as I can. Plus, college brings it’s events.

Therefore, I’ve decided to take a month off. I’ll miss blogging, but I’m simply not finding the time or energy at the moment. I figured I’ll take a month off, make a routine and get back to blogging with some organisation.


Also, I hit 800 followers a few days back and I can’t believe that my tiny blog has grown so much! THANK YOU! So much! It adds to my guilt of taking a break now, but it’s required. I will definitely come back with some good stuff. The time will be up soon and before you know it I’ll be back again ‚̧


I’ll see y’all in June. ūüôā Miss me a little, okay?


The Writer’s ink challenge — April 27, 2017

The Writer’s ink challenge

The Writer's ink challenge

Hey y’all!

I’m so behind on tags, I honestly don’t even remember half of the ones I’m supposed to do (I’m sorry!). I’m trying to do them one by one, though, as I find them.

I was tagged by the wonderful Regina @ Diversion3000¬†for this tag. Thank you so much! (I’m actually considered to be a¬†writer? Whut?)


  1. Thank your nominator
  2. Answer at least 8 questions about writing
  3. Nominate at least 5 people

Okay! Let’s get to it!

1. When did you first start writing?

About a couple years before I started blogging. In my junior year of high school, I think. I tried writing a novel (which I abandoned soon enough), at first. Then I realised that I should try writing short pieces first, and that’s what I did after I began blogging.

2. Have you always been interested in writing?

No, I wasn’t. I only read a lot. When a time came that I had thoughts and feelings to put on paper, I just did through journalling. I never tried creative writing or poetry before seeing other bloggers do it, and I finally tried, not worried about whether it’ll be good or not.

3. Why do you like writing?

It’s therapeutic. Getting down my thoughts on paper, especially if it’s something personal, makes me feel freer when I’m done.

4. What genre do you write in?

I’m not really sure. I just write what I feel like without worrying about what category my writing would fit in. I’ve tried writing specifically poetry or prose but it doesn’t work that way. So now I simply write without holding myself to a boundary.

5. Who or what motivates you to write?

Reading good writing makes me motivated. But in the end, I only end up actually writing when my feelings are a mess and I need to put them down. I guess you could say that life motivates me.

6. Do you write poetry?

I do! I’ve also posted a few on this blog.

7. Have you ever written a story with a friend?

A friend and I tried once. We directly jumped into a novel, because we had an idea. We got about 11 chapters or so in before our concentration went on finals and now it’s just abandoned.

8. How do you write your stories (first person, third person)?

Both. I like writing in first person more, though.


My nominations:



Rachel Poli

Danica Aquino



Do you write? What’s your favourite kind of writing? Have you done this tag?

Will I be successful? — April 4, 2017

Will I be successful?

will I be successful.png

I went to the bank with my mom and grandpa the other day and I saw a poster put up. It’s title “Ten commandments of success”. Since I was bored and jobless, I read it and started evaluating whether I’d be successful. I thought I’d share my musings with y’all too.


{1} Speak to people

There is nothing as nice as a cheerful greeting.

Okay, I’d fail at this. I’m an introvert and when I see anyone familiar while outside other than my close friends, I’d rather pretend I never noticed them and move on. I wouldn’t even try to approach strangers. I cannot social, okay? okay. I’d rather read books at home.


{2} Smile

It takes 72 muscles to frown. Only 14 to smile.

I can smile to strangers such as shop-keepers or drivers. But smiling to start a conversation? Smiling to someone I don’t know? Yeah.. no. Besides if it takes more muscles to frown, it could be considered exercise, right?


{3} Call people by name

Everyone is pleased when you call them by name.

That is true. Even I’m impressed when a meager acquaintance calls me by name. But doing it myself? I can remember faces but most of the times names just evaporate from my head. I asked my college friends their names at least twice in the beginning.


{4} Be friendly and helpful

And others will respond in kind manner.

Does politeness count as friendliness? I am pretty friendly and helpful, if I say so myself, when approached. I try. I shall consider this a..


{5} Speak and act

as if everything you do were a genuine pleasure.

I mean.. I don’t think I can do that. If I have to do something I’m not happy about, I simply make a face and do it. I’m not a great actor in that sense.


{6} Be genuinely

interested in people.

*hacking cough*¬†pffffft.¬†Do ya know me? I don’t want to go out and see people in general itself. That makes me self conscious. And it makes my heart palpate.¬†Nope.


{7} Be generous

with praise. Cautious with criticism.

I do compliment often, to be honest.¬†Go me!¬†Of course, if someone’s doing something wrong, I’m more likely to point it out the more closer he/she is to me in relationship. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even criticize as that’ll start a conversation. I would do anything to avoid making myself known more. I shall consider this, too, as a..


{8} Be considerate

with the feelings of others. It will be appreciated.

I am!¬†Go me, again!¬†I’m INFJ. Extraverted Feeling is one of my major functions. I care about others’ feelings more than my own.


{9} Be thoughtful

of the opinions of others. There are three sides to every controversy‚ÄĒyours, the other person’s and the right one.

Yep. This is me. I always think of the other person’s point of view and make sure to listen. Even though most times the courtesy is not extended to me as well.


{10} Be willing

to give service. What counts most in life is what we do for others.

I can do this! As long as I don’t have to talk to people too much‚ÄĒyeah!



Now, for the final result:


Hey, not bad! I thought I’d fail almost everything! *self high-five* I guess what we get from this is that I will be successful as long as I don’t have to interact with anyone. Fat chance.

Now, evaluate yourself and let me know below whether you’d be successful or not! By how much, whichever? Do you agree with these points? Or do you think this is just bogus and you’ll declare yourself successful because you’re awesome?

March Wrap-up — April 1, 2017

March Wrap-up


This month has gone by so sloooooow. I’ve almost been¬†waiting for it to be over because time doesn’t seem to go by fast anymore. Maybe because the new year vibe is gone now? The productivity, resolutions and determination to see through has faded a lot. My monthly goals are hardly about my 2017 resolutions now. I’m just making ones which suit for the time-being. March has been really unproductive, lacked motivation and plain boring for me. Other than a couple things in real life, it’s been uneventful. Probably what cemented my decision to take a hiatus‚ÄĒbecause I’m just not motivated enough to blog.

Anyway, let’s look back on the month:

Number of books read: 25

Therefore, my Goodreads challenge stands at 55/150.


Other posts published:






Life update (1).png

Movies and TV shows I watched

I watched Beauty and the Beast with my mum a few days back and it was BEAUTIFUL. I loved it ‚̧

I didn’t watch any TV shows, although I scrolled through the feed of a One Tree Hill fanpage on Instagram. I really want to re-watch the show and have only watched one episode of season 5 (that’s where I’m starting my re-watch) yet, but I hope to find time soon.

I’ll tell ya what show I DIDN’T watch‚ÄĒShadowhunters. The story has veered too much away from the books and I don’t like it. I don’t even like most of the cast. I just watched because it was promised to be very similar to the books, unlike the movie, but in season 2 they’ve gone so far away that there is no point of return. It’s worse than the movie. I shall not be watching the show anymore and have said adieu.

Songs I was obsessed with

Best on Instagram


And that’s it for March!

How was your March? Which songs were you obsessed with? Which Movies and TV shows did you watch (or stop watching)? Let me know below! And do link me up to your Wrap-up, if you’ve published one!

The identity tag — March 28, 2017

The identity tag


Hey everyone!

At the moment, my second semester is going on, my college fest will be held in the next few days, there’s also another event taking place… my life is kinda hectic. I was thinking about what to blog next when I remembered that the wonderful Elm had nominated me for the identity tag.

This tag is basically answering some questions, so here we go.

1. If they made a song about your life, what genre would it be?

Uhm.. why is the first question itself so hard? Pop, I guess? Although it could be Dance too.

2. What is your sole purpose in life?

To be happy and spread love. Honestly, I’ve never thought about this, because I’m a person who lives in the NOW and goes with the flow, taking up new hobbies and opportunities. I don’t have any specific purpose. I just want to be happy and make others happy.

3. What do you regret doing?

Again, as I said, I live in the present so if there was something that I wish I didn’t do, I would have let go of it pretty soon. Right now my mind is blank. I think I have more of “what I regret¬†not¬†doing” than doing.

4. What are your strengths?

I’m a good listener. I’m also a good friend. And I’m pretty influential. My best friend Hem has been affected by my vocabulary, many friends have started reading after listening to me and a couple started blogs after knowing about mine. Hem also started a bullet journal inspired by me; oh and she’s now obsessed with drawing mandalas because of yours truly.

5. What are your weaknesses?

I don’t realize when and how much I’m important to someone. I be a good friend and listen and part easily as acquaintances with new people but they feel more of a connection to me. Later I, inadvertently, hurt them. I guess they feel close to me because it’s easy to open up to me and because I actually listen and support. Many times, because of this, in friendships I only listen. The other person doesn’t let me speak and this makes me feel caged because I listen to them for hours and they don’t give a five minute break for me to speak.

6. What’s one thing that not many people know about you?

That I’ve been through depression. As for my girl squad, they met me and we became a group when I was in depression. They might have noticed but we’ve never spoken about it‚ÄĒthey’re those friends who silently understand and support and don’t bring up topics which they think you wont be comfortable with. When I want to tell someone, I’m not able to bring it into conversation.

7. What has been the best decision of your life?

Deciding to say¬†eff it to depression and becoming happy. It has leaded to so much‚ÄĒgood friendships, this blog, trying new things etc.

8. What are you afraid of and why?

I’m afraid of daring to take risks like deviating from rules and rebelling like all other teenagers do. Go somewhere without letting parents know or going and lying/not telling is not something I can do. Even if I make up my mind to lie about what I’m doing, in front of my parents the truth comes out. I guess my parents realize this as well and that’s why they’re pretty chill with me.

9. Where are you going in life?

I don’t know. And you know what? I’m fine with that. Life will take where it takes me. I’m satisfied with living in the present and not looking at the future too much.

I nominate you

Basically anyone and everyone. If you want to do this, go ahead! It’s nice to reflect on yourself, actually. I liked this tag.

Hope you have a good day!

Life Update — March 20, 2017

Life Update

Life update (1)

This month wasn’t¬†very¬†eventful for me, honestly. So I’ll just update you on the relatively small stuff.

Thoughts on semester 2

Chem cycle is kinda boring. We had so much to do in Physics cycle and it’s laid back this semester. I’m looking for things to fill in my time around my schedule now.

The subjects are a tiny bit better than last semester, though. It feels so good to code again, as I have a programming class this semester. Even if it’s the basic coding in C when I’ve already done C++, it feels so good. I¬†am¬†going to major in Computer Science, after all.

Ethnic day and college fest

In the last life update, I left y’all saying that it was ethnic day that day. Well, I did dress up in the end, but didn’t do too much effort. I simply put on an old traditional dress I had. But I had quite a lot of fun that day. I went out with my friends for lunch, we all danced so much (with most girls in heels!) to songs and it was a small party, basically.

On to college fest. I volunteered and we got T shirt for it. I was mainly volunteering in an event‚ÄĒtreasure hunt. DJ came back to the city only for this fest and he finally got to see my college friends in real life and not just SnapChats. (lil self promo: follow me on SC @iridescencey)

I decorated my phone cover

I got a new phone, by the way. Nothing great, though. I wanted to decorate the back and used washi tape for it. I would show you a picture but I didn’t take a good one. Mostly because it kept coming off in the edges and after a couple days I lost patience by sticking it repeatedly so I ripped it off. Now it’s plain white again. Sigh.

I got sent a paperback ARC by the authors for the first time

When I received ARC of Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes, it was part of a giveaway and therefore doesn’t exactly count. I got sent Gleam of Light by T.J. and M.L. Wolf and I can’t wait to read it!

I want to learn new things, do new stuff

I have a tendency to pick up new things just for the heck of it (including blogging) and whether I stick to it depends. Since I now have a small bit of time free often, I have been thinking of picking up a new hobby or learning something new. The problem is that my free time is varying and I can’t sign up for classes etc. Therefore I’m thinking of learning things online. I downloaded an app called Duolingo a couple days back and started learning the basics of French. I really like the interface and how it works. I’ll let you know how it goes next month.

A few more IRL friends know about my blog and bookstagram now

And I’ve been getting so much positive feedback, I’m practically gloating.

I realised audiobooks aren’t my thing

At least, not yet. I’m also a music addict and listen to music whenever I can. This means that I’m not keen to spend that time listening to audiobooks. Reading is much more preferable. Plus, we can’t skim through in audiobooks, which is troublesome for me.

Summer is almost here

The temperatures have already gone up a bit, it’s humid and I sweat a lot. All I want is for cool temperatures again, and to wear winter-wear. I don’t really have many summer-friendly clothes, especially considering I love layers and covering up. I gotta shop soon.

My eyes are becoming strained too much recently

For a stretch of days, my eyes kept closing as if I’ve been pulling all-nighters (I wasn’t) and they burned every time I opened my eyes¬†after keeping them closed for a few minutes, even. Since I don’t wear make-up, the strain is seen easily. I have to start wearing my UV-protection glasses again. They help a lot with my strain. I used to wear them only while on the computer or laptop, but now I’m making a habit of wearing them otherwise too.

The glasses I have were bought 4 years back and I’ve grown out of the style, so I really want to buy new ones. Preferably full-framed nerdy glasses. The kind to hide behind.

I’ve been thinking about taking a hiatus from blogging

When I told this to my best friend, she asked me to think on it well because she knows that blogging as a hobby is an outlet for me and I love doing it. But recently, I haven’t been much inspired to blog. So I thought a hiatus might help.

I’m thinking of taking a break at least the whole of May. As my blog is¬†running mostly on previously scheduled posts now, and they end Mid-April if I don’t write more, I might go on hiatus then itself. Not sure yet.

I will be active on twitter (@mebeingquixotic) and Instagram (@mebeingquixotic), although perhaps not as much. I want to concentrate more on other things such as academics, relationships, learning new things and self-improvement.

Also, are you uncomfortable with the update in WordPress as well?

The blog post drafting page has changed and I don’t like the look of it. I much preferred the old one. I also have been noticing, while writing this post, that every time I type more such that the cursor goes below the bottom of the page, the page doesn’t automatically scroll so I can see what I’m typing?! Like, why?! Every time I type a new sentence I have to scroll down myself. So annoying.

What’s going on in your life? Any major events happening? How’s school/college/work for you? Have you ever taken a hiatus from blogging? Do you dislike the WordPress update as well? Tell me everything, and then some.

Ten things about me you never asked for but I shall fulfill your secret desires — March 16, 2017

Ten things about me you never asked for but I shall fulfill your secret desires


There aren’t very many posts on this blog about me, even though I blog about lifestyle too. But that’s because I don’t talk about myself much, really. Okay, who am I kidding. There are a lot of posts I’ve done on me, but you like it, right? I’m going to assume you do and give you some more useless information about me, because why not? Have fun reading!

{1} I bond with mom over over-dramatic Hindi soaps.

Legit, I say “I’m so done with this show” at least twice every episode of one particular show (duration half an hour), but yet continue watching. I think my mom finds my commentary interesting too, because she calls me herself when the show comes on instead of telling me not to watch with her.

{2} My notes app is filled with blog posts.

Oftentimes I feel like blogging when I’m out and can’t draft a post then. Sure, I could do it on the WP app but lately I’ve been finding blogging on the phone annoying. So, I type it up in short in my notes app. Sometimes, I type almost the whole post, if I can. Recently, I shifted to Evernote from a random sticky note app, and I love it! It’s more aesthetic to look upon, it’s widget for the homescreen is better, you can write, attach and scan to save; and even sort the notes into different sections called “notebooks”. Totally recommend it.

Of course, my mom yells at me to get off my phone when we’re outside because¬†I spend way too much time on my phone and it would be better if I paid attention to my surroundings.¬†I can’t very well say that I’m drafting a blog post, can I? Not my fault if going outside and seeing something gets me inspired.

{3} I have a habit of responding immediately.

Let it be emails, texts, comments or anything else. I’ll reply immediately‚ÄĒas soon as I see the notification. If I don’t, then I’ll most likely forget to do it later.

{4} I look for dark coloured clothing but in fact I look best in bright colours.

I prefer dark colours to not stand out and catch attention (it’s a real theory). I feel very self-conscious wearing bright colours. Or even if I simply dress up. ATTENTION IS NOT MY THING, OKAY? OKAY.

{5} My mom always assumes I’m texting when I’m on my phone.

Let me tell you something, I talk to very few people. In fact, if you removed all the messaging apps on my phone, I could survive for at least three days with no hitch. If something’s very important, I’d call. Therefore all my time on the phone is spent tweeting, on Instagram, commenting, blog hopping/reading etc. Everything related to blogging, you see. To do everything fast, I read and type rapidly. When my mom sees that, she assumes I’m texting.¬†Every. Single. Time.¬†

Like, mom, I have a blog. These things come with it. But she doesn’t know that I’m actually dedicated to my blog. that I do so much for it and publish posts regularly. If I tell her, she’ll just disapprove and say it’s simply more time I’m spending in front of a screen damaging my eyes. I like blogging. I’d rather she not throw shade at this one thing.¬†And so it shall remain a secret. Like the sorcerer’s stone.¬†

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom, but she’s not overly fond of taking a different and unknown road which doesn’t have any definitive results you can know beforehand. Even when the WiFi is off, she thinks I’m texting. One, I don’t want to waste my balance on stupid texts. Two, I’m actually reading ebooks. She doesn’t know that either. I just let her think I’m texting all the time. Better for everyone.

{6} I like to think I’m interesting enough to star in reality TV.

Sometimes (most times). My thoughts are very interesting. Trust me. I go around talking in my head like there’s a voice over in the reality TV show while doing anything mundane. It also works in entertaining me when I’m bored.

{7} I don’t like yellow post-its/sticky notes.

Just, no. They’re too jarring and¬†in-yo-face.¬†I know that sticky notes are supposed to be glaring to get your attention but MY EYES. I see every other colour just fine, thanks. Also, they’re too normal.I don’t like normal.

{8} I talk to myself a lot.

It’s almost like there’s another clever me inside my head.I DO prefer my own company over others. Most of those times I’m either berating myself or congratulating myself (mostly congratulating) (and giving myself high-fives) (for being so cool).

{9} There’s a song playing in my head almost always.

Like background music. Because my life is like a never-ending movie. Or a very entertaining reality show. Because I’m so entertaining, you see. I deserve background music. Everyone does. Background music should be proud to accompany my life. Yes. That’s a good sentence. (notes it down to boost go) (cuz why not)

{10} Most small things I do in life are because why not?

That’s my reason for everything. Many times, I DO come up with reasons not to, therefore might be called not brave etc. But things like blogging? Why not? WHY NOT, I ASK? (you might answer: cuz you’re very annoying BYE) (I say¬†shush¬†you need me)


And those are ten completely useless things about me! (promise I’m not this self-centred in real life) (I’m just in a self-appreciating mood)

Do you relate with any of these facts? Is your life so interesting it could on reality TV, too? What’s your motto in life? How are you doing today, btw? I totally didn’t ask that! I should start to every blog post. Let me know if there’s anything you want me to do on the blog, too. I would love any suggestions. Ooh, and and! If you feel like, do make a post like this on your blog and link me to it. I love to know small things about others which actually define them.



February 2017 Wrap-up — March 1, 2017

February 2017 Wrap-up


Why do I feel like it’s only been two weeks since the last time I wrote a wrap-up?! Maybe because February was really slow and unproductive for me. Honestly, I don’t know what I did last month, but I feel like I wasn’t productive AT ALL.

Anyway, off with my rants and on to the wrap-up.

Number of books read: 14

Therefore, my Goodreads challenge stands at 29/150.


Other posts published:







Movies and TV shows I watched

I watched La la land! Albeit weeks late. The story was so cute and it was real. Loved Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone together. City of Stars is beautiful ‚̧

Also watched The Space Between Us. I absolutely ADORED it! Read my fawning review here.

Season 2 of Shadowhunters started! And I’m getting the show blues again. Like in the beginning of season 1, I’m somehow not able to get into the show because the acting doesn’t feel that good, and also they’re changing the story a lot. I’m behind a few episodes now, due to college, but hopefully I’ll catch up and like it.

Songs I listened to on repeat

(I also post my favourite songs of the day sometimes on my Instagram¬†stories) (self promo there y’all) (real subtle)

Best on Instagram



I’m literally finishing this post last minute on the college bus. Why do I do this. Anyway.

How was your February? Anything new happen? Tell me everything!

My sunday morning routine — February 13, 2017

My sunday morning routine


I love getting to know other people’s routines. Sometimes I pick up something that I could do as well. And therefore, I thought I’d share my routine too. The reason this is named “Sunday” routine is because I have college Monday through Saturday and Sundays are the only days I do something other than the basics in the morning.

  • Wake up late. Anytime from 8 am to 10:30 am.
  • Brush my teeth, freshen up.
  • Open the windows in my room. This is a morning staple for me. It allows the light to brighten up my room and make it look alive. I need sunlight to feel active and awake.
  • Make my bed while watching a YouTube video. Most of the time its a vlog of either PointlessBlog or Zoella. Since their videos go up late in the night for me, I watch them next morning. Their vlogs are really fun to watch. Seeing Nala (their dog) genuinely makes me feel better. I also get to make my bed only on sundays since the other days I’m simply rushing to college and don’t spend much time at home to care about my bed. But since it’s a holiday and I’m at home, making my bed makes me feel less sluggish.
  • Have a glass of milk. After making my bed I go out and greet my parents and my dad makes me a glass of milk while making breakfast for himself and mum. If I wake up before 9:30 am, I opt for a late breakfast and milk then, otherwise I have breakfast.
  • I either hang out with them in the living room watching TV or I take my milk and blog while drinking it. As I usually don’t find time to blog in weekdays, Sundays are the only days I blog.
  • I stay on my laptop for about a couple hours blogging with music playing from an 8tracks playlist.
  • I have breakfast around 10:30 am which sometimes falls in the middle of my blogging session. If so, I pause to have breakfast and then come back.
  • After I’m done blogging, I start on an assignment due the following week in college and try to drag my productivity streak for as long as I can (usually till 1 or 1:30 pm).

And that basically describes my Sunday mornings! I hope you liked read it.

Do you have a Sunday/weekend routine? If yes, what is it? If not, would you like to have a routine?

January Wrap-up — February 1, 2017

January Wrap-up




Hey y’all!

This month has been a little slow for me. I finished up the last two semester finals, and have been on vacations ever since. Semester 2 was supposed to start on 27th of Jan but got postponed to the 6th of this month. My mom immediately booked train tickets to go back to my grandparents’ for another few days, which I dread, but I can’t oppose. My physical health hasn’t been good either, and after taking a blood test we found that my platelets count is less even though I haven’t been ill. So that’s a pressing matter.

Anyway, on to my reading.

No. of books read: 15

Therefore, my Goodreads challenge stands at 16/150. (I finished another today morning)

Book reviews:

Other blog posts:













TV shows I watched this month

I finally saw Stranger Things,¬†and I loved it. I’m sure most of you have already watched it, but if you haven’t, I definitely recommend. Advised not to watch on a queasy stomach or while/immediately after having something to eat.

I watched another couple episodes of The Missing. It’s very interesting but I think I would prefer watching it with someone. Every time I go to watch it, I end up watching a different show. I still do want to finish it though.

I finished watching season 2 of Modern Family and am half-way through season 3. I had watched a few episodes of both these seasons when it came on TV but I couldn’t watch it regularly and finish it. So I’m binge-watching it when I want to feel good. The show is very entertaining.

Songs I listened to on repeat


Best on Instagram

My best friend is back to blogging!

This is his blog. I’ve already been mentioned twice! (One of the blog posts is completely about me lol)

And that’s about it for my January!


How was your January? What shows did you watch? What music were you obsessed with? Did you read any books which surprised you? Any new thing happen in your life? Let me know all about it! P.S. I would love some feedback on the new way of my Wrap-ups. Thank you!



Q&A answers — January 28, 2017

Q&A answers

Q&A answers.png

Hey everyone! I’ve been way too lazy the past week, doing nothing productive and just whiling away time. I did go out the whole day a couple days back but that’s it. I’ve been thinking about doing this post since today morning but I just didn’t feel like. Instead, I spent the day watching Modern Family.

Anyway, here are the answers to the questions asked on this post.

The first three questions were asked by Regina.

1. Would you prefer to read minds or control people with your mind?

Read minds, definitely. I’m more of an intuitive person who likes to know what others are thinking and feeling. Controlling minds seems more Doofenshmertz’s style (yes I just brought Phineas and Ferb into this)

2. What’s your favourite musical instrument? (the one that sounds the coolest to you)

That sounds the coolest? The cello. I love listening to people playing it.

3. Say 5 things you’d do if someone told you you’re dying tomorrow. (sorry for being lugubrious, hehe)

(I just looked up the meaning of lugubrious)(looking or sounding sad and dismal)

  • First tell everyone I love how much I appreciate them.
  • Write a whole post on my blog saying goodbye for now. (I believe in reincarnations)
  • I would go on a roller coaster. I’ve never been on one before because I’m afraid of height and have motion sickness. But I would do it if that’s the last chance I get.
  • I would eat pizza. And ice cream.
  • I would read as many books as I can ūüėõ

This following question is asked by Megan @ bookslayerReads

If you wrote an autobiography, what would the title be?

Interesting… and hard. I haven’t really done much in life to have a substantial autobiography. Everything I thought about doesn’t seem good so.. maybe “Just a life”? I think that’s the best one I’ve got.

Thank you for your questions! Y’all have a great day!


How long have you been blogging for? What the most interesting question you’ve ever been asked? What would be the title of YOUR autobiography?


I’m now on Bloglovin’ — January 20, 2017