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The Book Blogger Insider tag — July 11, 2017

The Book Blogger Insider tag

Hello. It’s me. I’m drowning in pending book reviews. But here’s a tag for you to see.

Do you know the problem with reading books very fast? And being a book blogger? You want to review most of them, but you can’t post so many reviews a day? And I don’t want to bore y’all with consecutive book reviews only?? Also there’s so much more I want to post about, since my blog isn’t only about books???

(Move on already)

book blogger insider.png

I saw this tag over at Howling Libraries and it looked nice so I decided I’ll do it. She didn’t tag me, but who cares, really? 😛


  • Answer the questions below.
  • Credit the creator; Jamie at A Little Slice of Jamie.
  • Tag at least five people.
  • Have fun!

Where do you typically write your blog posts?

In front of the computer, usually. I prefer blogging on the desktop nowadays as I can do the graphics as well at the same time.

Otherwise, if I want to be more comfortable and have to only type, I blog on my phone. I don’t do this a lot, but when I want to blog, but I’m just not feeling it in that room, I blog on my phone. I make the graphics on another day, if required. I hate blogging on the WordPress app, so I usually just do it in the browser, as I am now.

How long does it generally take you to write a book review?

Typing up the review? Half an hour to an hour, depending on whether I’m multi-tasking or not.

I usually take a few days to a few weeks to type up the review after I read the book, as I’m busy or whatever. So when I sit down to type, I go back and try to remember everything and then give a proper review. Therefore, it takes a while.

(I am currently 11 book reviews behind. #help)

When did you start your book blog?

(Not technically only a book blog. I don’t stick to a niche.)

I started on January 16th, 2016. It’s been a year and a half and I still love blogging ❤ It was meant to be only for reviews but I digress.

bb insider tag pinterest image.png

What is the worst thing about having a book blog in your opinion?

I want to review everything. Well, almost everything.

As I read quite fast, and I love to read a lot, I pick up books immediately after finishing the previous one. And whether I like the book or not, I’ll usually want to review them and I simply don’t have the time to review all of them.

And speaking personally, I know that only reading reviews is boring. I like to change up between posts and talk about different things. This also means that I can’t post all the reviews soon after I read them, and I schedule them for a later (and sometimes WAY later) date.

There’s also the constant comparison between other blogs and mine. I LOVE reading blog posts and reviews where the writing is comical, jovial and fun to read. How much ever I try, I tend to be more formal and serious in my reviews, no matter how much I wish my writing was fun. So yeah, confidence levels are always bobbing up and down.

(Wait, was I supposed to say only one thing? Meh, it’s okay.)

What is the best thing about having a book blog in your opinion?

I can talk about books all I want. I can vent, rant, rave, whatever—how much ever I want to. Granted, I don’t do it much since I usually rant WHILE READING to my best friends, but I can.

I also love the book blogging community, which kinda comes like a bonus. True, there are issues and debates popping up all the time. But I love that there’s a whole COMMUNITY of people wanting to talk about books. ❤

(Again, didn’t stick to one point, did I?)

What blog post have you had the most fun writing so far?

I do have some that I had a lot of fun writing.. but I can’t choose ONE. Plus, some of them won’t fit the book blogging category so.. let’s move on to the next question 😛

What is your favorite type of blog post to write?

Other than the reviews where I rant/rave to my heart’s content? Discussion posts.

If we’re talking about book-blogging categories, I think my favourites are the Top Ten Tuesday memes. TTT is the first meme I’ve ever done (and doing) and it includes 2 things I really love:

  • Books and
  • Lists

When do you typically write?

During the semester, mostly on Sunday mornings. I jot down ideas and notes throughout the week on blog posts and type them up on blogging-sprees on Sundays. I schedule them for the next open dates.

Otherwise, just when I’ve got a few hours consecutively since I like doing more than one post per sitting. This also includes the graphics and updating my review index and such.

Do you review every book you read?

If I did, I’d either have to publish a review a day (at least), or I’ll have scheduled reviews months in advance. Not trying to brag, but I’m quite close to achieving my Goodreads reading challenge 2017 which I set to 150 books.

No, I don’t review all the books I read, but I wish I could.

How do you write your book reviews? With a cup of coffee or tea? With Netflix? Cuddled with your fur baby?

On those Sunday mornings, I blog right after breakfast so nothing to eat. But if I’ve been blogging for well over an hour, I get a drink for myself.

I usually blog with music in the background. Only sometimes does the music distract me, so it’s fine.

How often do you post?

Once in two or three days. I used to blog everyday before college began, but I quickly adapted (and loved) the scheduling ahead system. This way, if a certain week is very hectic for me, I don’t have to worry as I’ve scheduled for it in advance.

And I tag everyone because all of you are special little unicorns who deserve to be tagged.

What’s your blogging life like? Do you relate with any of my answers? Let me know your answers to all of them below, or do the tag and link me up to  it! 🙂

10 advantages of reading as a hobby — July 6, 2017

10 advantages of reading as a hobby

10 advantages of reading as a hobby.png

Hey all!

A while back, my dad tried to persuade me (again) to go out and socialise or pick up another hobby which doesn’t make me sit in one place and be lazy all day. I think he’s kind of jealous that I can be lazy and still be doing something. (He isn’t a fan of reading)

After he gave up and went out for some work, I began to come up with a list of why reading is better than sports or art. To make myself better and have an imaginary debate with my dad in my head, as you do.

I mainly thought of these points as opposed to hobbies of art or athletic nature. I mean absolutely no offence if either/both are included in your hobbies. I just thought of this for fun.

Onto the list, now.


[1] No special talent required

You just read! All you need is a book (or Kindle). Now with audiobooks? It’s even easier.

You might not be good at dancing, singing, even drawing stick figures but you CAN read like a boss.

I’m one of those people who can do something part-way but is not extremely good at it. I can doodle, but not OH-MY-GOODNESS amazingly. I run very bad (I honestly feel that I’m saving others from a horrible sight by staying at home). Reading is pretty much the best hobby I could ever pick.


[2] Can be done in a snuggly, comfortable position

Preferably with a drink, and covered in a blanket.

Art projects generally require a clean(ish) space, or at least a proper area like a desk and chair. You can’t put your feet up or change positions much. With sports, what is comfort if not sweat and exertion, right?

But reading can be done curled up on a sofa or even during travel! I read even between classes in college (sometimes during class too, but hush that’s top secret).


[3] No cleanliness issues

With art and sports, you have to clean up in the end—whether it’s yourself or your surroundings. No such issues with reading.

I might not be really good at it, but I do doodle, sketch and paint. I HATE painting because I have to clean up in the end. Plus, I’m one of those people who have to clean up immediately and set everything in it’s place. Therefore, after two hours of painting and finally ending up with something which looks like it’s been made by a second-grader, I spend more energy cleaning up immediately. I LIKE BEING LAZY. DON’T MAKE ME DO THIS.

Speaking of..


[4] You can BE LAZY

Reading is probably the only hobby where you can be completely lazy.

Is that not a winning point?

True, there’s the tiny issue that if you love a book/series, you immediately join the fandom, write fanfics, having debates over storylines and fangirl all over social media (and possibly losing your sanity). All of that does not involve being lazy. BUT. You don’t have to do it, so you’re good. *Innocent smile*

Also me:


*Cough* Moving on.


[5] You learn A LOT

No matter what book you read, from whichever genre, there’s always some new information that you absorb. Whether it’s about an issue, science theory, history fact, a culture or even about a city you’ve never been to. Not to mention, your vocabulary and language skills improve. People go to CLASSES for that. You can just get it by reading.





[6] You can never go wrong with reading

There’s nothing “right” or “doing well” at it. Absolutely no specific talent involved. You just read.

And the very helpful translators of our world take pains to translate books so people from other language backgrounds can read it so WHAT IS THERE TO COMPLAIN? BOOKS ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER TO HAPPEN TO US. (And I’m starting to fangirl over the fact that books exist) (again, do you blame me?)


[7] You can bring books into conversations and seem all smart

(Or you might actually be smart, no offence)

Tell me this isn’t an advantage. You could state a fact, say “I read it in a book the other day” and BOOM! People are impressed by your knowledge. The book could have actually been of romance. But they don’t know that! You just said how long it takes to go from one city to another driving! This could also give you a nerdy or knowledgeable vibe, if you’re going for it.


[8] Having multiple hobbies is easier when one of them is reading

You literally have to do NOTHING but read! ANY amount of spare time works!


[9] You can still “read” without a book

These new inventions called Kindle, ebooks and audiobooks with BLOW YOUR MIND. (It was meant to sound a bit sarcastic, I think?) (I don’t even know what I mean) (#fail)

You can read/listen to a book while doing something else. It still counts! Don’t have time to go to the bookstore/library? Technology to the rescue! Ebooks are aplenty.

(Is it just me or does this feel like I’m trying to pitch technology to you?) (Can this count as good points to convince non-bookworms to read?)


[9] Lastly, it improves your imagination

You would argue that art also involves imagination. But in art, you create with your imagination (or Pinterest inspiration, who am I to say anything?).

While reading books, you have you set up a 360° set for every scene with details and characters and also keep up with many scenes throughout the book. The facts aren’t up to you. And it’s not something you can easily refer back to. It’s all IN YOU HEAD.

Do you understand HOW MUCH we imagine? (Did I just blow your mind with your awesomeness? You’re welcome.) (Otherwise, #fail_part_2)



Safe to say, by now I’m even more in love with reading. I have done so well in life by picking this hobby. (*pats self in the back*) (I just realized I’m not very agile because my pat is awkward) (should probably exercise after this post instead of going back to read another book) (but the questions is) (will I?)

I’m just kidding. I have a final tomorrow to study for. Adiós, peeps!


Is reading one of your hobbies? What other hobbies do you have? Are there any other advantages to reading as a hobby that I’ve missed? Which point from the above do you relate with? Let me know below (so we can scream in joy together over our life choices)! 

How to Adult 101: #1 preparation — March 24, 2017

How to Adult 101: #1 preparation

#1 preparation.png

Since I’m now 18 and need to learn stuff (because I’m a spoiled, coddled butterfruit who doesn’t know anything in life), I thought I’d take you along with me on this journey which will be filled with failed attempts.

Disclaimer: I don’t know anything and the most I’m expecting you to get from this is a few chuckles. And that’s me being optimistic.

1. How much ever you think you can figure it all out yourself, you can’t.

Not completely, at least. You need guidance. So take my advice and don’t reject help from your parents and elders. Do NOT proclaim that you don’t need them anymore because you are an adult *cough* cuz ya do. Later you’ll be ashamed and too proud to go back for help. Ultimately, your loss.

Otherwise, you need to put internet on your phone and be a whiz at google search and know what to search exactly. And be willing to spend 15 minutes seeing all results and still ending up confused, doing something wrong and having to rectify it with more difficultly. *phew* But hey, if you’re someone who has a lot of time, patience, perseverance and prefers learning yourself by making mistakes, go for it and say I’M QUEEN. I DON’T NEED PEASANTS. 

2. Invest in a power bank for your devices.

It’ll be very handy. Trust me. One of the perks: you can be lazy and don’t have to stand next to the plug point to chat nonsense with your friends while it’s charging. Another is that you can charge your phone on the go and don’t have to panic away from home which might result in a heart attack. Let’s face it, you can’t survive without your phone. HOW WILL YOU EVER FUNCTION? No, that can not happen.

No matter how many times you say you can survive without your phone, be realistic. Stop kidding. The only thing you can do when it’s dead is pretend you’re on a call while walking past someone you want to avoid, and show as if you didn’t notice them to avoid conversation because you don’t like talking to people either. ugh. people. In case it ever comes to that situation, do remember to keep your phone upright because if it’s upside down, it’ll be a massive fail. This happens all the time in TV. Let’s not be as dumb as them.

Another plus point is that there will be no problems when you’re working or something. But that’s not more important than our laziness. pfft. 


We laugh, giggle and make fun of those characters when they make mistakes and have to rectify it. But from next time, remember those mistakes and what to really do because in the back of your mind you know that you can make the same stupid mistake. 

You can also watch TV shows and movies while telling everyone you’re “preparing for the real world”. You are. It’s honest research, I say. Listen to me. I know nothing all.
And that’s all for the first installment! I shall keep you updated on anything I learn which will change your life. Adios for now!
Are you an adult? If yes, how were your first few years as a MAJOR citizen? Do you have any tips to share? Do help us lost little cinnamon rolls who are only now dealing with the real world. If you’re not an adult, are you waiting to be so you can proclaim yourself sovereign and SET OUT TO THE WOOORLD? Or do you wish you could stay minor just a bit longer?

17 types of friendships — December 28, 2016

17 types of friendships


Hey everyone! We are almost at the end of #BirthMonth and I wanted to post something to trigger YOUR memories.

Now, life isn’t just close friends and family and our significant other. There are so many relationships in life, and friendships are the most diverse of them. There are many types of friendships, and today I’m trying to put the most distinct ones in a list. As you read, think about those people in your life who hold that position, remember memories, and perhaps reach out to them after reading this post. Hopefully this will make you smile and maybe a little nostalgic 🙂

1. The best friends

This HAD to be the first one on the list, obviously. Best friends are our God’s gifts on earth and they are your rocks, your baes, those who will ALWAYS listen to your nonsense again and again even if they’re not interested just because it makes you happy. You can’t go a day without speaking to them, and if you do, you feel strange and as if you’re missing a part of yourself. Even if you don’t go to the same school or work at the same place, you make enough effort to meet very often and sometimes, two days without meeting them feels like two months. Have you showered some love on your best friends lately?


P.S. I love Peyton and Booke’s friendship.

2. More than your average friend, but not exactly your best friend

You know those friends whom you always connect to? You might not say everything to each other, or even speak so often, but when you do, you speak freely and with heart. You can have them in different areas of your life,  the ones in school, college, coaching classes and from your music or dance classes. All of them were your closest friends during that time and in those areas, but are not your complete best friends.


3. The “oh, okay” friends

These are those friends that are mostly friends of friends, whom you’re not really close to but also know a lot about due to common friends. If you meet them, you both hesitate for a second and then talk, because you don’t really have a bond of your own. You would most likely say hi and move on or make small talk for the sake of courtesy.


4. The life-long friendship

The friendship between two people right from when they were born to the day they die. Hiccups in between or not, they will be friends in the end. If you have a friend whom you’ve known all your life and are not on speaking terms with them now, maybe you could reach out to them. Because in the end, there aren’t many friends who have known you all your life. Even if you aren’t best friends, you’re like crib-siblings, and you’ll always have a special bond.


5. The friend you just can’t get rid of

That one person you’re not sure why you don’t like, or maybe you do know, but they never get the hint that you’re not interested in having a friendship with them. You go out of your way to avoid and ignore them, but cluelessly they’ll still find you. It’s kind of adorable on their part, that they want to be your friend so much. If there is someone like that, maybe try to be their friend? It could turn out to be a solid friendship as they’re not letting you go.


6. The ex-friend but yet friend at heart

I’m talking about that friend whom you’ve separated with, whom you hardly talk to anymore and miss them and the friendship you two had. This might be due to misunderstanding or the simple fact that both of you changed and the close bond you had just isn’t anymore. If only one of you took the initiative to reach out, you could still be friends, if not best friends *wink*


7. That friend you thought you’d be best friends with forever

We all grow up and this causes people to grow out of friendships too. When you were five, there was nothing that could come between you two and you made forever promises to each other. But, it wasn’t meant to be. You both have other best friends and being around each other might be a bit awkward. All you do is smile at each other, with memories playing in your mind, and move on.


8. That friend you just clicked with in one moment

You met and *BAM* you suddenly cannot live without each other. You don’t know why you just feel so comfortable with this person. Both of you opened up yourselves right from the start and listened to each other. You went from strangers to close friends in one minute 😉


9. The friend whom you don’t remember meeting

You try to think back to when you met and how you became friends, what you said etc but you just can’t remember! You can remember the days before meeting them and the days when they were your friend, but meeting for the first time, saying hi and actually deciding to sit together in class or going to work together? That’s a blind spot in your memory.


10. The imaginary friend

We all had an imaginary at some point in our lives, mostly during our childhood. You spoke to the air, or your soft toy, taking them to be real active human beings, dreaming them talking and listening to you. We grew out of our imaginary friends, but I can remember fondly when I used to have an imaginary friend.


11. The online friends

We all have online friends, especially if we’re active on the internet with a corner of our own. From blogging, vlogging, that anonymous chat room, that online multi-player game etc—we have made friends. And we love them as equally as real life friends too. What if you’ve never seen each other’s faces in reality? What if you’ve never watched a movie with popcorn in a theater together? You know each other inside out, know the problems and highs and lows and the important things. You’re good friends!


12. Penpals

You might or might not have a penpal, but it feels oh, so good, to open a letter from someone living far away, who is taking the time to build a friendship with you through paper. We hardly write letters, finding emailing or chatting through an app better. But being penpals with someone is a totally different and lovely feeling. Reading someone’s stories in their handwriting makes you feel closer to them.


13. Friends who forget you when they get into a relationship

This hurts, and I’m not going to sugar coat it. You two were buddies way before they met their significant other and suddenly being left for that new person they hardly know? That stings. There are also those who say they would never put a romantic relationship before friendship, but actually do it when the time comes. You just have to let go and move on, not waiting for them to come back. If the relationship ends, they’ll come to you, but you can’t be the only one to give, they have to give something too.


14. Friends in the form of animals

Pets are the best ever. Some consider their pet to be their best friend, and it is true! What if you two can’t speak in the same language or communicate exactly? You’re there for each other, love each other, and that’s what friendship is!


15. Friends through mutual hate

Friendships are usually formed when two people have something in common, but those formed through mutual hate is a quirky one. They might not have anything really in common, but this hate towards something, even if it’s strawberry flavoured ice-cream, can bring you closer and after a little more time, you’re friends for life, even if you two are from different cliques or spheres of life.


16. That friend you’re always crazy with

You two are goofballs together, and enjoy it very much! You may not have a deep friendship or might not know everything about each other—you may not even talk that often—but when you two do meet, you’re crazy and high and have loads of fun, even entertaining the group of friends you’re with.


17. That friend you’re not very close to, but would do anything for

These are the most innocent friendships ever. You two are average friends, but if the other asks for something or needs emotional support, you will be there in a heartbeat, and vice versa. Down the road, these friendships might actually last long.



And those are the “few” (bwahahaha) friendships that came to mind. Sure, there ARE many more, but every friendship is unique and no two friendships are exactly alike. It’s like DNA 😉

P.S. Because of this post I have close to thirty friendship GIFs in my folder now 😛

How many of these friendships exist in your life? Can you tell some more? Did these make you think of those certain friends? Comment down below and let’s chat!

My Birthday/Christmas Wishlist — December 15, 2016

My Birthday/Christmas Wishlist

Hey everyone!


Now, I don’t celebrate Christmas as I mentioned in two of my previous blog posts, but I love how those who celebrate it are crazy about it on the internet. People started playing Christmas music the minute Halloween ended! The internet is FILLED with Christmas and I really love how everyone’s in a better, happier mood because “it’s that time of the year”.

I was watching someone’s vlog and they were talking about what they would want for Christmas and I thought why not I do it too? I’ve never thought of a wishlist before, rather make one, so this is new. Also, my birthday is on 30th Dec, which is basically the new year (according to everyone who find out my birthday), and this could also serve as a birthday wishlist! (If any of my IRL friends are reading this—which I’m sure you’re not—take note)

So, here’s my wishlist!

  1. Throne of Glass and Empire of Storms, both by Sarah J Maas. I have the other three books and I need these to complete my collection, but they’re just too expensive to buy by myself!
  2. A portable photo printer. I’ve been seeing this around a lot—devices which print photos from your phone. And I love the idea of it! All I want to do is take print, stick it in my journal or my wall, and put my memories around!
  3. A pack of midliners. I need these and we don’t get them in my country! I totally know how I would use it in my notes or bullet journal. It’s pretty cheap in and I have $15 on it but I can’t buy it. I need to add another $25 or $35 dollars worth stuff to ship to my country. I get so jealous seeing people use it on Instagram or Tumblr.
  4. Printed washi tape. THIS ONE. I just.. aargh! I see such beautiful washi tape on social media and I just love love them but I have to ship them home! Even right now I’m checking out a website where there are such cute products, and the washi tape is ❤ Even if there is free shipping, the dollar to rupee is too expensive. Two washi tapes cost two hundred bucks for me. And that is ON SALE!
  5. Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi. I need this so much, to hold it that I’ve already hinted to my best friend that I want this. I’ve read it so many times in my ebook but I have to have it in my hands. So much.
  6. PIZZA. I would be really happy if someone treated me to pizza. I love it, I want it, I haven’t had it in so long. Pizza!
  7. Any book merch. Mugs, bookmarks, tees, whatever. I hardly have book merch and I really really want them. Plus, the things on Society6 are so awesome!

And I think that’s about it! Basically, I’m out of cash, I don’t want to spend more and these are some things that people could pool in money and get me.

My friends and I all get one gift or a few gifts by pooling some equal amount of money each and get the gift(s). Having a lot of friends in my group means spending a lot of money on buying gifts. I suppose it was actually lesser this year because we didn’t buy for a couple people as they were in dorms. Actually, only one person, and he in fact treated us to lunch one day. The other thing is that we love getting unique gifts. Actually putting in thought and making a custom gift, or getting something new and exciting and different. So, mostly they won’t give me books, because that’s too streamlined; and I was the one who came up with half the gift ideas this year and last year so I assume they’ll think of something creative.

Anyhow, I’m gonna love it. So I won’t worry 🙂

(P.S. if you’re looking for stock photos for header backgrounds for Christmas, do check out pexels because those photos are so good, not using them is almost a crime. It was hard for me to not dump all of those photos in this post.)


What’s on your Christmas (or birthday) wishlist? 

7 reasons why I love winter — December 7, 2016

7 reasons why I love winter


It’s that time of the year again.. and I’m not talking about Christmas. Sure, Christmas is coming too, but it ain’t winter all over the world. (Sad Aussies?)

There are so many reasons I love winter. Most people love summer but I actually don’t like sun (promise, I’m not a vampire) and I’m more alive in winter. Am I making sense?

1. The blankets

I don’t know how it is where you live, but in my home we use different blankets in different seasons. Thin blankets in summer and two types of thick blankets in winter. I just love snuggling up in slightly heavy blankets and making a sushi roll of myself, oh that feels goooood. Of course, then I realise that I’ve left the lights on or that I was supposed to pee. Then I lay there for 2 minutes saying a teary goodbye to my blankets and wander into the chill. Don’t get me wrong, I love chillness, but it’s only because of the blankets and the clothes.


2. The clothes

winter-clothes-2I love winter clothes. So much so that I would move to a city where it’s always a little chilly just to wear layers. I love sweaters, jackets, cardigans, pull-overs, shrugs, hoodies, boots, gloves, beanies, knitted scarves, socks and anything else. The reason I love layers is because I don’t like showing skin. I just prefer covering up as much skin as possible, and I also don’t like form-fitting clothes. Self-consciousness effects. Therefore, winter is perfect for it, and sweaters one size bigger doesn’t look bad. I usually try to buy a size bigger so it doesn’t fit perfectly and is a bit loose, and I can pull off the style in winter.

Although, I try to get away with wearing layers in summer as much as I can. I live in a city where it’s chilly almost all the time, even in summer on random days, so it’s cool. In fact, a couple months into the semester, I removed my jacket and my friend exclaimed, “I can see your skin!” and proceeded to poke my upper arm flesh. That was during “summer” lol.

 3. The drinks

I’m pretty sure everyone loves drinking hot beverages in cold weather. Hot chocolate, tea, coffee etc are just better in winter! I love holding the mug with the steaming drink in both hands, letting it warm my hands up; I just love that posture.

hands holding mug.jpg

4. The hot and spicy food

In India, we have these wonderfully tasty dishes called chaats which are mostly spicy. Chaats are usually street food and for a little bit of money, they taste so very good. The perfect setting to have chaat is when it’s raining and you’re standing in that little space under an extension as a roof. Since chaats are usually spicy, eating them during winter makes it all the more better. My mouth started watering as I was typing the first sentence of this paragraph, imagining chaat ❤


5. The mornings

After tenth grade, I had more than a month off with no school and as I had time, I used to play badminton with a friend in early mornings a little after sunrise. That was the time when I started watching sunrises, and my balcony faces east so it’s perfect. Even after 11th grade began, I woke up before light only to watch the sunrise. And the view in winter as the sun begins to rise, with cloudy mist and the crispness in the air, fills me with freshness. I take long breaths then because it makes me so fresh and alive. Sure, it’s hard to get out of bed, but it’s worth it.


6. The perfect moods to read

Most of us, when thinking about a perfect setting to tuck in and read a book, imagine it in winter or when it’s raining—with a steaming drink in arm’s reach. Although I love rainy weathers, I prefer chilly days to sit in bed, legs covered with blankets, and a book in hand. Maybe a cup of coffee or tea nearby. I tend to go out to the balcony and watch rain, instead of staying in and reading.

reading in winter.jpg

7. The effect on me

winter is here.jpgWinters generally make me alive and active. It’s supposed to be the other way round, I know, but it is what it is. Maybe it’s the clothes, the ambiance, the crispness in the air—whatever it is, I want to do more in winters. Maybe not academically, but definitely creatively. Sometimes, when it isn’t really chilly but I have to make myself work, I switch on the fan in high speed so that it becomes chilly and wear a jacket. It makes a faux-winter mood and I work.

I also feel like dancing in winters. I have a skip in my step, even usually, but more so during winters. I love the chill laying on my skin and making me fresh. I’ve noticed that I even smile more during winters (I’m more of a grumpy leave-me-to-read cat usually).



If you’re wondering why I didn’t mention Christmas in this list, it’s because my family doesn’t celebrate it. I’m not Christian *shrug*. I love the idea of it and the craze and the love so many people have for the festival (like Zoella who started playing Christmas music on October 31st because “it’s that time of the year”) though. I wish I celebrated Christmas because gifts! But yeah, I don’t. I just enjoy the few days of holidays we get for it. Which I’m not getting this year. I actually have exams during the time… *sniff*

*none of the pictures in this blog post are mine. I only edited the last one.


Do you love the winter season? If so, what do you love most about it? If not, what do you dislike?

Planning takes time too — October 14, 2016

Planning takes time too

planning takes time too.jpg

I did posts on advantages and disadvantages of being a planner but one thing I did not mention was how much time planning takes.

Sure, planning makes life easier but you have to spend a certain amount of time on it everyday. It does not get done by itself.

How my time is managed:

I spend about 10 minutes every night planning for the next day and checking off/updating that day’s journal.

Every saturday, around 5-10 minutes extra goes for the next week’s weekly spread in my bullet journal.

And every month, almost an hour to set up for the next month. I plan, see what works and what doesn’t etc earlier itself. Also, I don’t do it at once as I cannot carve out the time. Instead I do it over a week, one spread at a time.

As for my blog posts, I usually get inspiration/ideas at any time and write it down in a notebook or make a note in my phone. When I have time, I write down an almost-ready draft of the post in a notebook. I like writing posts more and I can do it whenever so that’s helpful. When I come on the computer once/twice a week, I type all of my posts; maybe making a few changes. I also usually take pictures required in advance and finish everything at once when I’m on the desktop. I prefer not counting the time for this but I guess it’ll come to around one hour.

I also have a blog post schedule log where I enter the title of post I want for that day and put a tick against it once it’s done and scheduled.


If you’ve tried planning or bullet journaling and quit it, understand that it requires time too. In the end, this much time pays off as you don’t forget or mix-up anything and you also have a log of everything.


Are you a planner? How much time do you spend on it? How long do you spend for your blog posts?

A to-do list for my adult self — September 25, 2016

A to-do list for my adult self



Hey everyone! A while back I received a suggestion for a blog post and now here I am, doing it!

We all can’t wait to grow up. We just keep expecting that the following years would be better, but now that we’ve reached a certain age, we are aware of the responsibilities that comes with growing up too.

In this post, I will be listing out some things I would like my older self (in 20s or 30s) to do.

  • Live alone

I really want to live alone, have a house to myself and come home one day knowing that the place is only mine and I wouldn’t have any interruption when resting after a long day.

  • Make a BuJo spread for savings

Of course, this is assuming that I would still be bullet journalling then. But why wouldn’t I? The system is amazing. I want to finally have some money to save. Despite wanting to spend a lot of books and stationary, I get a certain satisfaction in not spending. IT makes me feel accomplished and prepared for the future.

  • Go grocery shopping

Buying what I want, what I would use to cook and meals according to my plans. I want that. I want to make a list and push a trolley cart around a grocery store picking up and dumping things into my cart.

  • Get a dog

Preferably a pug. They’re just soo cute and lovable. I really want to have a dog.

  • Work

I don’t know why, but I actually want to work? This might be because I have absolutely no idea how working life is going to be but I want to go to an office, work, and come back home and rest thinking about everything I’ve done that day. I also hope I work somewhere where I won’t have to work at home after office hours.

  • Go on a solo vacation

I want some days to myself. I want to go to a new place, look around myself, sleep in a comfy hotel bed and not worry about what others want to do and where they want to go. for once, I want to do my own thing and take a well-deserved solo vacation.

  • Buy a bunch of books and not get berated because its from my own money

Did you actually think I could finish this post without even one point book related? If you did, you underestimated me lol. If you didn’t, you know the basic things about me, congrats!

  • And basically be happy

Because the most I want is to be content and happy.

Do you relate with any I said? What is on YOUR adulting list?

Perks of being a stationary lover — September 23, 2016

Perks of being a stationary lover

PERKS stationary.jpg

Many people are stationary lovers and some stationary lovers make really cute stationary so we other lovers geek out on it! I, myself, don’t have much cute stationary (because etsy shipping costs so much) and I’m not a die-hard stationary lover. But I have my moments.

Therefore, today I am here to list out some observations about stationary lovers.

  • You have a big collection of pens, and all of them work!


  • You have a weakness for notebooks with pretty covers. You have four still unused at home? No matter! Making it five won’t hurt, right?


  • You get excited for new year’s day. It’s an excuse to start a new notebook, after all.
  • You go all out in back-to-school season. So many new pretty stationary that you have to own!
  • Improving your handwriting is secretly an excuse to buy wonderful fountain pens you are just dying to play with.
  • Ooh! Look at these cute little palm-sized notebooks that you’ll never use! But you gotta buy them cuz so pretty ❤
  • When someone borrows your pen and you see that they leave it uncapped on a desk somewhere without a care, you secretly snatch it away and ignore said person forever.
  • Paint! Color pencils! Color tabs! Sketchpens! Okay enough station—OMG such cute craft paper! And on sale! *Buys two packs*


  • Bored? Let’s go to the stationary store!

And a couple honorary mentions…

Perks of being a stationary lover AND a book lover:

  • Always complaining about being broke


I hope you had, at least, a chuckle reading these points 😛


Are you a stationary lover? Do you relate to the above points? Can you think of more?

Advantages of being in a relationship, from someone who has never been in one — July 18, 2016

Advantages of being in a relationship, from someone who has never been in one


The irony. To be understood- these are my thoughts of how a relationship hopefully is so don’t hate. I absolutely have no idea in truth.

Freedom to text at any time

Because you’re in a relationship and you can text about even stupid things just because you feel like talking to someone. No hard feelings on disturbing a friend and holding back and feeling lonely. Many times I hesitate over the number of contacts on my phone, finally not texting anyone.

You have company when you go somewhere

Like the movies or a mall (maybe not the latter?). If you want to watch a movie and don’t want to go alone, you can ask your bf/gf without inhibition. Sure, they might not be able to come but you can ask. In India, my companions are cut half because I can’t ask only one guy without a girl because every person, dog and lizard who see you together shame on you. Especially if it isn’t a date! At least if it was a date, the effort is worth it.

Freedom to rant and fangirl

The worst problem of bookworms is that we hardly have people IRL to fangirl with! Even if one of my friends do listen, I feel slightly guilty because they absolutely don’t care and it’s a nuisance for them. If you’re dating someone, the person has signed up for this and you can freely fangirl. Same for stupid rants, reasonable rants and any rants.

Someone you actually want to talk to

A best friend of mine pinches money and saves up very difficultly to put data packs and talk to her boyfriend. (This is India, if you want to live, your parents mustn’t know you date.) (Also, most of us don’t have pocket money or minors working system. So we have to beg our parents for money everytime we need something.) How much ever I love my friends, I will not be that desperate to talk. We’ll manage. I want to get that feeling.

This post has become more of what I want than “advantages”.

You can pester your partner on grounds of “showing love”

Because what else speaks stronger than texting them every minute of the day, right? It’ll also give you some fun and makes your day lighter. Your bf/gf can deal with it, don’t worry 😛

One person who WILL support you and compliment you/your work all the time

Let’s face it, you’re awesome. Why wouldn’t they? BUT! That’s one person whom you can share your silliest achievements with.

Free hugs anytime!

Do I need to say more? Hugs are awesome. I love hugs.

Constant reminder that someone actually likes you!

We all need it, boy do we all. Its a big confidence booster.

And I’m sadly out of points. Again, this is just what I imagine it to be. Absolutely no experience with the real thing.

My links


Do you agree with what I said? Can you think of any more?

So apparently, I don’t have a life or fate. — May 29, 2016

So apparently, I don’t have a life or fate.

Are you ready for a palmistry lesson? Gear up.

So iiiif you don’t know what it means,


Now disregard all the planet shit in the picture and only take notice of the four main lines, i.e., head, heart, fate and life.

Now open up your palms and see. Most of the time left hand is preferred for palmistry. Do you have the lines? It is said that if the delta between fate, life and head is not formed, it isn’t good. Almost deltas are okay but perfect deltas give you perfect balance in life (which my mum boasts of having). If your head and heart coincide, it isn’t good because you can’t think only with your head or go only with your heart.

One fact: if the head and heart line are conpletely one straight line from left to right, no separation, it means the person doesn’t really have a love life. 

If the life line isn’t pretty long, it means you will die early or your life isn’t set. Fate line, same thing. Note: fate and life line have to intersect down in your palm or should be close by and kind of parallel.

All miscellaneous prominent lines are also problematic, but I don’t know that properly for everything. There are some other marriage lines etc etc that I don’t think about—they are not really prominent much for teens, I think.

Now, let’s get on to my (supposed) problem, shall we?

(Sorry for the really close shots) Do you see my “prominent” lines? My head lines are faint—I kind of use my head. My heart lines are faint—I kinda have emotions and feelings. My life and fate lines—what life and fate lines?

Till a year back or so, my parents kept saying I’m still a kid so it hasn’t formed yet, it will soon. But I see my friends’ hands and theirs are properly formed.

Now don’t start thinking that I’m sad about this or feel insecure, I don’t. Just like I’m agnostic, this is all something that I don’t really care about. But! After doing bad in exams and stuff, my mum sees my hands and goes “looks like you don’t have a future”. I beg to differ. I don’t have a future set in stone. Even God almighty has no idea what I’m going to do in life. You know what that means? It’s completely up to me. 

It is a known fact that palmists predict your future and give suggestions, push you in the direction meant for you. I would like to go up to a palmist and show my hands just to get a kick out of their helplesness and confusion as to what they must tell me. 😛

I haven’t yet met sixteen year olds, at least, whose palm lines haven’t become prominent yet.

If you see the practical and realist side, the lines are formed the way your skin folds when you fist your palms. I fist my palms too, why haven’t my lines formed? No idea. But until they actually DO form, you bet I’ll be showing off this quirk.

What about your palm lines? Are they formed properly? Do you have other lines too? Are any of your lines broken up? 

Why — May 12, 2016


If you have a queasy stomach, be warned.. 

My mum just told me a bullying story from another city and I’m horrified. Despite hearing how common it is or so many other gruesome stories, bullying is not something that you can ignore or skip over.

Apparently some 12th grade boys beat up an 11th grader in their hostel (boarding school) while the warden was elsewhere. They kicked him with boots and even used an iron rod (god where did they even get it). The poor boy, who was also hit on his privates, had a serious condition and has to be hospitalised for quite a while. I shudder to even think about the mental trauma.

The thing is, the wardens of this school are supposed to be really strict and complete discipline is imposed over there with no funny business. I don’t know how the warden stayed away for so long that things could escalate to such a condition. The boy was found way later by the warden and was rushed to the hospital.

As my mom said this to me, I couldn’t help but imagine it and I’m still horrified at all of this.

I’m so glad that I studied in a school where bullying was/is “uncool”. I know it’s way more than that but in teenage language and what makes you stop is the thought about your reputation, finally.

If any guy even slightly bullies another, immediately the girls go around gossiping about how that was so “not right” and anyone who knows him would talk to him and say he was being stupid and to apologise. Other guys obviously are affected by the girls’ gossip and try to become heroes by solving it out and making sure justice serves. Girls don’t even try bullying because it’s kind of a taboo to us. We prefer icing the person out, or maybe spreading some gossip. That’s it.

I’m glad for that. After listening to stories like this, I know how much I’ve been protected from in my childhood and how naive I am. I’m glad that I haven’t had any experiences like this or anyone I know hasn’t, it’s one step closer to ridding our world of it.

I don’t really have any more words to say. I think I’ll set aside being agnostic for once and pray for the boy a little because there is nothing else I can really do now.


The sentences that you’ve always heard, but have you listened? — May 10, 2016

The sentences that you’ve always heard, but have you listened?

Hello everybody! How are you doing? As a matter of fact, the answer to that question matters in this post.

First, I’m going to talk about something that is present in all our lives—the want to quit.

Whether it is a project, a hobby, a job or an educational stream, or anything else, sometimes we feel like quitting. The issue is to understand when you should actually quit and when you should plough on.

I’ve wanted to quit studying computers, wanted to quit living with my parents, wanted to stop being friends with some people. Sometimes, I want to quit being who I am now and go back to the girl I was in eighth grade, because I felt (feel) like she is a much better person than who I am now. The girl who was quiet, helpful, kind and not at all selfish.

I am here to tell you, don’t quit being who you areYou might want to change but do it for yourself and not for others, not because you feel like only then will other like you or accept you.

Don’t give up something you love, be it hobby, likes, food or whatever. If you’re studying something which is hard and you suddenly feel like quitting, don’t take decisions at a spur of the moment. Think it over well. Why did you start studying that stream? Why did you choose it in the first place? Was it for yourself or for someone else?

Self-introspection goes a long way. Take time to yourself and think. Question yourself. The answers coming back to you might surprise you, and it will guide your way.

How many times have you heard Good has a plan for you? Well God is not going to help you unless you help yourself. Like it is said in Hindi, “hath pe hath rakhne se kuch nahi hone wala“—keeping hand over hand does not help at all. You can’t just sit and wait for a green light or a red light, it’s almost like waiting for someone else to tell your what to do, and you come back to square one.

Listen to yourself, take decisions which will result in you being happy. Are you unhappy being with a friend or in your relationship? End it. There isn’t a point in trying to make something right when it is clear that it won’t work, that’s just wasting time, energy and also your happiness.

Do what you love. It is said so many times that sometimes we don’t even consider that sentence properly. Do you want to be a cook and not a lawyer? Do that. Do you want to study science? Do it. Move forwards.

Live your life every moment of the way. Please stop waiting, thinking at you will have time for it later after you finish going through these years of hard work. In this life, we are required to work hard and be strong all the time. There is no such thing as finish all of it now and chill later. Some other thing will come up. So keep taking breaks and enjoy yourself, do things that are solely for your enjoyment and do not contribute to more money or a secure future. Do things that make you laugh; be with people who make your smile and laugh so much your cheeks start to ache. That is the best ache ever.

Smile for no reason because who really needs a real reason? Smile because it’s a lovely day, smile because the child in front of you is cute, smile at strangers to put a smile on their faces. My mom used to say something when I was young- live in a neighbourhood where you know many people, so whenever you go out, you smile when if it is just to greet. Right now, we live in an area where everyone works at the same office or nearby ones and everyone knows almost everyone else. I go out with my mom and we stop so many times to great people and make small talk. By the time the old smile wears off, we meet someone else.

Tip your head up and soak in the sunrays, rain or moonlight. Because there is no better feeling that to stop for a minute and become one with nature. Relax for a minute, breathe deeply, and open your eyes rejuvenated.

How many of those things do you do? And how many do you want to?