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August bullet journal set up — August 6, 2017

August bullet journal set up

august bujo setup.png

Hey y’all!

If you’ve been following my posts the last month, you might know that I finished my finals only on 24th of July. Well guess what? My next semester’s classes start TOMORROW. In short, I had only two weeks of vacation.

Since this is a new academic year with me finally moving into my department, and I figured settling in would be hectic, I went for very simple spreads. Knowing how I am, I expect I wouldn’t even do dailies a few times because I wouldn’t have the time for it.


I am really happy with the way my habit trackers banner turned out.


I saw a few nice banners on Pinterest and tried out one. (Speaking of, my username there is iridescencey in case you’re interested to look through my boards *wink*) (why am I winking) (moving on)

Inspite of the busy schedule, I am determined to keep up with my trackers. Especially my mood tracker. The last month was mostly “relaxed” for me, and I want to see how classes affects my moods.


Last month, my mood tracker was in the form of a feather. This time, I simply picked up my pen and started drawing. I ended up with a snake of triangles (I don’t know what else to call it lol). The page does have quite some empty space so I’m planning to doodle around it throughout the month.


And that’s it for my August set up! I’m not committing myself to any more spreads as I’m not sure of my schedule.


What do you think of my bullet journal? How’s your August looking? Any new beginnings? Are you going back to school this month? Are you keeping a planner or a bullet journal? 

A year of bullet journalling (a lowdown of everything in my bujo) — July 15, 2017

A year of bullet journalling (a lowdown of everything in my bujo)

a year of bullet journalling.png

Hey everyone!

It’s been over a YEAR since I started bullet journalling, and I didn’t even realise until a couple weeks back when I was looking through an old bullet journal for some information. Then, I started thinking about any changes it has made in my lifestyle, and how my spreads have evolved. That’s exactly what I’m here to share with y’all (in quite some detail) today.



I got introduced to bullet journals by Boho Berry on YouTube, and I pretty much loved everything she did and tried to copy a lot of her spreads. One thing which wasn’t working for me, as I very quickly realised, was the daily time header. It’s basically a visual representation of where your time is going/has gone on a particular day. I am not someone who has any time-restricted work, therefore most of the tasks I do are either spontaneous or depending on my mood. Therefore, scheduling my time in advance using this time header did NOT work. After that, I tried logging my time at the end of the day, like a tracker to see where my time has gone. I ended up being too lazy to sit and colour, basically, and I didn’t find it very useful. So I stopped doing it after about a week.

Whether it did or not, I ended up REALLY loving planning and making spreads. Being someone who always loves planning, this fed my planner tendencies to a great extent. Especially since the whole planner is made by me, I didn’t find any restriction like I found when I had once tried keeping a regular planner. Plus, the bullet journal is also flexible for creativeness, so I absolutely loved it. I didn’t even think about whether to continue bullet journalling. I bought a new notebook and set up for July quite early.

You can see my complete June bullet journal flip-through here.


July was the month when I tried everything out. And by that, I mean spreads, headers, mild lettering etc. As for the monthly and daily pages, I kept constant to what was working for me in June. Although, because of the random pattern tryouts and such, the spreads turned out quite mismatched, and now that I’m appreciating themes and colour schemes, the spreads look quite cringey to me.

Since most of this month was also vacation time for me, the majority “work” I had was related to this blog. About 50% of my tasks were blog-related and I kind of loved having a planner to keep my blog sorted. This was also when I was getting prepared for college and the busy schedule which would obviously come with. Therefore, I spent quite a while scheduling posts in advance etc. Having a bullet journal to volley ideas, plan publishing dates etc helped a lot.

Here’s my July bullet journal flipthrough.


College had begun and I was right, I became almost swamped. This resulted in me thanking myself for scheduling posts for August and doing extensive planning in advance for September (for the blog). Being so busy and cutting back on the number of blog posts also meant I didn’t have time to upload an August bullet journal flip-through, even though I’m quite proud of how my spreads turned out.

I started using a calendar layout in August, and found that this suited to my requirements way better. I also got my first washi tape that month! Way easier for aesthetic purposes.

I thinking I could do a flipthrough of August 2016 spreads now, when I have the time. (What do you think? Would you be interested in seeing my old spreads? Let me know in the comments.)


I didn’t do any major changes or try new things in September, I pretty much kept to the same as it was a perfect combination of minimalistic, colourful and productive spreads. To be honest, I also didn’t find the time to think about any new things as I was still getting used to the new hectic schedule. August and September were the months when I started writing my blog posts in notebooks/bullet journal when inspiration struck and later typing it up on Sundays. Again, I didn’t do a flipthrough for this month on the blog.

This was when the fact that planning takes up some time hit me. I even made a blog post on it later.


I finally got a few days off from college this month, and I threw all of my free time into planning in advance for the blog in preparation for my finals, during which I did not plan to blog at all.

In the last weeks of October, I didn’t see the point in making dailies as I didn’t have very much to do every single day, therefore I only made weeklies. Since the everyday section in my weeklies were big enough, it worked pretty well and I saved time by not making daily spreads.

I also tried keeping a section in the weeklies to track expenses but stopped doing it after two weeks since I didn’t require it much. I also didn’t like how the spread looked with that section.


November was more of exams than anything else. I mostly kept weeklies only and didn’t do any new things.

Literally, as I go through the pages, there’s almost only tasks about studying and exams, with a teeny bit on the blog and personal life. That month was busy busy busy for me.

I also did a post with tips on bullet journalling for people with busy lives after having such a schedule.


This month’s section was short, as well, in my bullet journal. I did try something new with the monthly tracker, though, taking inspiration from an account on Instagram.

You can see my December bullet journal flip-through here.

By the end of this month, my notebook ran out of pages. I was so glad the timing matched with the new year! There is just something more FRESH about starting new with the new year’s.



My first semester was over, and I had my semester break in Jan. Therefore I had more elaborate and decorative spread this month. I bought a new notebook online which I have reviewed in this blog post.

This month, I tried out having a Gratitude log. I kept it flexible, without dates, so I could write whenever I want and how much ever I wanted without being restricted on space for everyday. I also bought more washi tape and used it quite a lot. I stopped making weekly spread half-through the month as I didn’t require them.

Since the month was basically vacation, I had a lot of free time and filled my bullet journal with loads of things. January takes over about 60 pages in the notebook!

Here’s the flipthrough of January.


My college started up again a little into that month, but since I had already been through one semester, I was handling the schedules MUCH better. Until February, the main contribution of my bullet journal was towards planning for the blog and also kind of being a diary. Only in semester 2 had I started using it more for assignments and keeping track of college work. I pretty much free-lanced through the first semester with my memory for all of that, but mostly because I only saw my bullet journal at the END of the day, hence making it useless for evolving tasks.

I continued having a gratitude page this month, and tried my hand at themed spreads a couple times. There isn’t much new in February except one thing. I got inspiration to write towards the end of the month. But this was more like two-sentences writing which pop into my head at random times throughout the day. Whenever I got one in my head, I wrote it down in the empty spaces throughout February’s spreads. Essentially turning it into a garbled mess and ruining the aesthetic. But I don’t regret it.

By this time, I had gotten pretty used to having a planner and loved it. It held everything I needed—blog things, college, personal events, some journalling here and there, all the information I might need on a later date and basically a log of my life.

You can see all of my spreads of February here.


Throughout the time I’ve been bullet journalling, my favourite spread is the tracker. Also known as habit tracker.

I kind of got bored with the traditional tracker, and therefore went in with something new.


I took this image a few days into the month. The spread took quite a while to set it up but I love the outcome.

There is so much planning on improving blog posts and new ideas in my March spreads. The only other different thing is the French. I decided to download an app and learn French, simply because I was bored and wanted to learn something new. I wrote down a lot of French words and meaning etc.

Towards the end of the month, I had my internal exams and became busy with those and some other stuff so I stopped bullet journalling for the most part. I only kept up with the tracker.


April was a bit hectic for me, with too-near tests and other college-related events. April spans over only 10 spreads in my bullet journal, and that is counting the miscellaneous lists I wrote. I wrote programming codes and ideas in between here and there, and only that increases the overall count for April. And honestly, I don’t even like my April spreads. The only reason they look sort of nice is because I brush lettered the headings on the days I actually used the bullet journal.

I went back to using the the normal habit tracker, too. I did not have the time to sit down and carefully set up the tracker like in March.

This was when I decided to go on a blogging hiatus. Because I was so darn busy and wanted some time off. Bullet journalling and/or planning DOES take up time. I decided to simply go with my memory since there wasn’t much to remember a lot of the month.


I made some effort with the monthly spreads in May, and I tried to keep them all in one theme. I had chosen the colour green for the spreads. I also tried out keeping a mood tracker and expense tracker this month. The mood tracker didn’t work out so well. I wasn’t happy having it and didn’t feel the use. The expense tracker, though, finally worked out! I had been wanting to track my expenses for a long time and I got down to in that month with determination.

I also changed the monthly spread to use because I didn’t require a two-page spread anymore, as I had only few events going on.

See the may bullet journal flipthrough here.


I tried a different habit tracker this month, and it worked out so well! It’s somewhat like what I used in March, but easier to set up and gave a much better visual, for my preferences.

My notebook was coming to an end, and I stupidly used quite some pages writing down a blog post instead of writing it in another book. I didn’t want to break into a new notebook in the middle of a month, and therefore I managed by using sticky notes. I simply stuck sticky notes over the pages where I wrote the blog post, and used one sticky note each day (my days weren’t very eventful). I managed to complete June in the notebook, and I was really glad.

See my June bullet journal setup here.

I tend to use one notebook for six months, I’ve noticed now.



I love using a bullet journal, and it has become a part of my daily life now. My bullet journal contains everything I need in one place. It’s also perfect for me since I don’t like pre-made planners and virtual planners. The bullet journal is so flexible to what you need—you can change everything depending on which stage you are in life and your unique requirements.

I have been so much more productive and on time this past year because of using my bullet journal, and I’ve also made many improvements by noticing my lifestyle through the trackers.

I wholeheartedly recommend using a bullet journal to everyone. At least try. It might just make your days much more productive.


Do you use a bullet journal? If so, then how long have you been using it? Do you plan any other way? Or do you not plan at all, and just wing it? Is there anything on which you’d like me to do a blog post? I’d love to know! I just might. Also, do let me know if you’d be interested in seeing flipthroughs of the months I haven’t published in the past year. And if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments!

July Bullet Journal setup — June 25, 2017

July Bullet Journal setup

July bullet journal.png

Hey y’all!

As my finals started today, and I wouldn’t have time to setup and show you my spreads, I decided to do them ahead of time. (Currently typing up this post a couple days in advance)

My notebook ran out of pages by June so I FINALLY got to set up this GORGEOUS notebook I got in Comic Con back in November 2016. It was the FIRST TIME I found notebooks with dot-gridded pages! I hadn’t found any in the stationary shops around my home, and I had to hold myself back really hard from buying as many dot-grid notebooks I could that day.

This is how the front cover looks:

I love that it portrays music again (my last notebook had a piano engraved on the cover) and it feels so good! The only problem in this book is that it doesn’t come with page markers. My last notebook didn’t as well, but I had made my own page marker due to the way it was made. This one, not the same. I’m thinking of using paper clips as markers but have to see, not decided yet. (Not a fan of paperclips)

Anyway, getting to the actual setup inside. The first two pages were blank, which I skipped over. And this is the first page I’m using (shown below) which will be an index. I’m planning (or get my best friend who draws brilliantly) to draw a goat drawing on the left hand side, simply because my zodiac is Capricorn (and my animal is a goat) and I found a VERY nice design on Pinterest. I’ll make sure to show y’all once it’s done (mostly only after my finals).


Since I hardly used the index in my last notebook, I decided to keep that to only one page this time. Next is the calendar for the next six months of the year and a blank page for future log.


I did not use my future log much as well, therefore decided to not make it into sections like usual and just left it blank for me to write as a mixed list whenever something comes up.


I’m not one for very long-term pages so I directly jumped into the monthly pages after that. I scrolled on Instagram and Pinterest a lot looking for monthly page inspiration. I wanted something simple, different yet colourful. I actually ended up taking this hexagon idea from an advert that came on feed in Instagram.

I like how it’s simple and very minimalistic. And I’ve been playing around with my monthly events calendar for the last year and I wanted to try this method (shown on the right hand side page above) this time.


Onto the habit tracker. I’ve kept the layout almost same to June’s setup. I took the idea for the header illustration from @bulletbymalin on Instagram. (Her bullet journal is so artsy and still looks simple—I love it)


I totally stole the idea for the mood feather from @meglet329 on Instagram. Her’s just looked so lovely! I had to try it. (Didn’t turn out that good, but oh well)

And then my expense tracker, of course. I’m not sure if one page is enough, as I don’t expect to spend much in July, so I decided that if I need more I’ll just have another page in between.


Lastly, I reserved a page for blog-related tasks. I actually use the last few pages of my bullet journal for planning out blog posts, notes and such but didn’t have a page to write down all my to-dos in one place until now. Decided I really needed it this month. I’m still continuing the system of using the last few pages, because that worked really well for me.

As my last notebook is completely filled, I’ll make sure to show y’all how I use my bullet journal for my blog sometime soon 🙂

And that’s it! I’ll see y’all in a few days with another post. Ba-bye!

What do you think of my setup? Do you use a bullet journal as well? Also do let me know if you have any questions about my bullet journal below, and I’ll do my best to answer them! 

May bullet journal flip through — June 16, 2017

May bullet journal flip through


Hey everyone!

I’m not doing an April bullet journal flip through because there’s hardly anything down for that month. May doesn’t have as much as normal either, but there is some, and I really want to share my monthly spreads. So let’s go.



I tried a different type of monthly calendar spread this time, and I have to say that this is suiting me best at this time. Especially because I don’t have much going on, and I can’t bother to spend much time on an elaborate spread.


I had never tried a mood tracker before, but wanted to see how well my mental health was this time. I’m not doing it again in June, but I might in July. This method of tracking my mood isn’t for me. I didn’t like it. A few days back i saw a tracker which was creative and different so I’m planning to that. I’m excited for next month.


I’ve also been wanting to keep track of my expenses for a while and finally got around to it this month. I’m glad that I could keep my list to one page. I would have been really disappointed in myself if I’d gone over.

In the next page, I wrote down a poem I absolutely LOVED by Kate published in Burning Youth blog. (You should all check out the blog. I love their writing, especially because it’s raw feeling.)



And that was it in May! As I said, I didn’t bullet journal much that month.


P.S. I run a bullet journal feature account @bujobeauties on Instagram where I feature pictures and especially spreads of different types for inspiration. If you’re interested, do follow 😊


How was your May? Do you use a planner? Did you start anything new? Let me know in the comments!



June bullet journal set up — June 6, 2017

June bullet journal set up


Hey y’all! Until now I’ve only done monthly flipthroughs of the previous months, but as I’m not using my bullet journal for daily/weekly logging much now, I thought I’d instead show my setups without any fill-ins.

This month, since I expected that I wouldn’t use my bullet journal much again like the last two months, I kept the spreads few and simple.




And that’s it for my setup! (And really short post today)

I’ll see y’all in a couple days with another post! Until next time.

March Bullet Journal flip through — April 6, 2017

March Bullet Journal flip through


Hey y’all! Welcome back to another bullet journal flipthrough.


I tried a different type of tracker this month as I was quite bored with the normal one. I’m really happy the way it turned out. It did take quite a while to set up, though.


This following one has to be my favourite spread in March. I just love how it looks. I didn’t end up actually completing my goals, but then March wasn’t great for me productivity-wise.











I didn’t end up bullet journalling the last few days of the month due to exams and just not having time. But also since there weren’t many things to do, I simply worked with memory.

How was your March? Did you make any monthly goals? Was March productive? Did anything eventful happen? Tell me all about it!

How To Start A Bullet Journal — March 8, 2017

How To Start A Bullet Journal

Tips on how to start a bullet journal

Hello, everyone. My name is Just A Blank Space and you can find me at A Blog Filled With Thoughts.

I am obsessed with bullet journaling. I started it at the beginning of the year and Iridescence and I thought we would share some tips on how you can start too with you. If you want to read her tips head over to my blog.

1. Get a cute notebook

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For bullet journaling, you don’t need many supplies but I do recommend getting a cute journal because I find cute journals motivating. It doesn’t have to be expensive. My journal is a simple one without anything on because I wanted to be able to stick things on the cover as the year goes by. I also recommend getting a cute notebook with graph paper or a grid because it makes it easier to place things and write in a straight line.

2. Don’t overthink and start simple

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t try to overwork it. Start with a simple spread and try to develop your style over time. Your spreads don’t have to look perfect. I always make mistakes but I am fine with it because those little mistakes are what makes it my bullet journal and not someone else’s. Just start and you will get better every week.

3. Do what works best for you

There are a lot of bullet journal accounts on Instagram that I absolutely love because their spreads are always cute but that doesn’t mean that their system works for me. My journal is different from all the accounts I follow because I mostly use it to write down my homework. There is no perfect bullet journal system. You have to find your own to make it work.

4. Cut out pictures from magazines

Green themed bullet jounal weekly spread
This is my spread for the current week. I cut out the triangles from a magazine

I love adding cute little pictures to my spreads but I don’t want to buy expensive journaling supplies all the time. That is why I usually take my mum’s old magazines and cut out cute little pictures, doodles… I could use in a spread later on.

5. Just start

If you think about starting a bullet journal don’t hesitate. Just start and try it out. If you don’t like it you can stop whenever you want. You don’t have to be good ad drawing or have a pretty handwriting. Don’t worry if you can do it. Everyone can and the best way to start is to just do it without thinking about it.

Do any of your have any more tips on how to start?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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My February bullet journal — March 4, 2017

My February bullet journal

february 17 bullet journal.png

Hey y’all! February felt so short??! Like, I did not sign up for this mirage?! WHERE DID THE 28 DAYS GO. I FEEL SO UNPRODUCTIVE.


Anyway. I did try to make my bullet journal pretty. Which I kinda ruined in the end. Oh well.

If you’re wondering, I’m using a Doodle notebook (which I reviewed here).

If you’ve read my January bullet journal post, then you might have seen this front page already.

I actually did a blunder in my tracker. While writing february, my mind was elsewhere and I ended up writing friday. I improvised, but it doesn’t look good anyway. The thing is I didn’t have enough patience to do it all over again.

Feb’s version of this spread didn’t turn out as well as Jan’s, but I’m still happy with it. I did make changes in my march one though.

For my lettering resolution, I tried to do one here but the ink really bled through the page and after that I only did in spare notebooks. Sad that I can’t do in my bullet journal, though.

I wrote this page when I was having a bad day with a bout of depression and poured my heart out. Journalling really helps.

And that’s it! Compared to January, I had very few spreads. Not only because there were less days, but also cuz I didn’t do much extra pages on research, lists etc.

You might have noticed throughout the flipthrough that some lines were scribbled in top margins and emoty spaces. Well, that is a result of me suddenly wanting to write but not start a new page. I’ll post all of them soon.

Also, I’m about half through my notebook and I’m really surprised because I used the last notebook for SIX MONTHS. This looks like it’ll just last three, if I’m careful. I do have more to write, but I wonder. Anyway, it’s cool because I love the next notebook I bought to use and can’t wait to get to it!

What did you think of my bullet journal? How was your february? Also, I usually don’t show my next month’s spread set up but if you’d like to see it from next month, just let me know! 

January 2017 Bullet Journal — February 7, 2017

January 2017 Bullet Journal


Hey y’all! As promised, here is my January bullet journal flip through. This year, I shifted over to a new notebook which I reviewed here, if you want to know more about it.

If you are new to bullet journalling, I recommend watching this video by the creator of the system and this post for a very broad explanation (my favourite line from the post is bullet journal is like a potato). In short, if you want to know in a minute; it’s a system which is part-planner and part-journal. Unlike planners, it’s very flexible, modifiable to every person’s different need and can be simultaneously a creative outlet. It’s very useful and I highly recommend it for everyone. I know that every day new people find out about the system and start using it enthusiastically. There are tribes, hashtags etc etc online for it. You have to just look.

Now, onto the flip-through. Since it’s a new book, allow me to take you through the yearly spreads and pages first and I’ll explain anything required.


There is a key to every bullet journal and it is very flexible. If you keep a bullet journal, you can use whichever key you want. It’s always recommended to note down the key in the beginning in case you are confused. It will also be helpful for when you open this later to find something and want to understand the symbols you’ve used.


Even though I expected the journal to last five to six months in the beginning (that’s the duration my old notebook lasted), I do a lot of advance planning and therefore wrote down the whole year’s calendar. Now, though, I expect my bullet journal to last only 3 months because I’m using a lot of pages. Then, next, there’s my index, for which I’ve left two pages.

Then there’s a the future log, for long term planning. If you see in the March section, I’ve made a note next to it with a number in a box. That number 48 is the page number where the note is written. It isn’t an event but it would be important in that month so I used the calendex method to write a note.

The brain dump is a list of tasks which don’t have an exact deadline. Therefore, when you’re bored or have some free time, you can do these. I think it’s an excellent idea—it drives you to be more productive.

If you see, I’ve striken the exercise goal. It’s because my physical health has been down lately and I don’t think I’ll be able to exercise properly. Therefore I decided that I’ll take my own time and exercise.

I love making front pages for every month, and I tried a simple black-and-white this time. I like how it turned out.

In the monthly page, which I’ve kept almost the same, I’ve tried to make it more colourful after looking at a YouTuber’s spreads. It’s not quite there yet, but I like it.

This is my most favourite spread, by far, mostly because the headings came out pretty. This is also my first time doing gratitude log, and I like it! It makes me feel better, appreciate things, be content and happy. I kept only one page for the gratitude log as I knew I wouldn’t do it every day and stick to schedule.

I kept my “reading” section strictly for reviews and challenges. I love my “resolution action steps” though. It’s made me follow my resolutions (well, not all, but I’m working on it).

Onto my first weekly spread. I managed to use the empty space on the lower left hand side for quotes in most of the spreads. I had hesitations about that space, but I like it now. I also changed up the weekly layout from what I used to use in the previous notebook. I added This week’s goals instead of normal tasks. I think there’s a difference between goals and tasks, and having a set goal works better for me.

I did my Design Your Destiny sheets in between in my bullet journal. This is the first spread of week 1 worksheets. I’m not sharing all of them because they’ll be boring for you, and it’s quite a few pages, too.


I’m really sorry for any blurry images, I honestly didn’t realise until it’s blown up in this post. But then there’s nothing to read, so, it’s fine? *sigh*

Also, if you see in the next picture, I made a mistake with the day. Honestly, I’ve made so many mistakes in this notebook right from the beginning. But unlike before when I would have become really irritated and ripped off the page and started anew, I’ve been keeping my calm and simply working with/around the mistakes. It happens.

Here you see the end of Design you destiny week 3 and some book review notes.

I did some research on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so wrote down facts, questions and anything I further want to know as notes. There are many other websites on SEO which explain better, but let me know if you want me to do a post on what I know yet.

I marked this page with washi tape instead of a tab to make it look pretty, and also because I use tabs for monthly spreads and didn’t want to get confused. Putting washi tape in the edge makes it easy to find.

The “things to pack” list was for when I was leaving to my grandparents’ (I feel like I’ve mentioned it waay too many times in my blog). On the days there, I didn’t bullet journal as there weren’t set plans or things to do.

I do miss having a proper journal and therefore journal sometimes in my BuJo itself, as you might have seen. And that’s it for January! I’ll post a february one next month. I am determined to not let my bullet journal posts slide, like I did that last months of 2016. I am feeling so awkward today and it has seeped into this post. Sorry. Moving on. I shall see you in a couple days. When, hopefully, I’m not awkward anymore.

Do you bullet journal? Or do you use a planner? Do you journal normally? Are you a planner, first of all? If not, do you wish you could plan because your life is messy and unorganised? Or maybe, you’re one of those people who just have it all together naturally. Congratulations, then. Also, are you keeping up with your resolutions? I hope so, because we’re only a month in! Or have you striken off any goals which you know you wont be able to complete, like me?




My December bullet journal — January 7, 2017

My December bullet journal


It’s been so very long since I did a bullet journal post, especially one that shows my bullet journal spreads. I think I stopped when I did all my blog planning in advance and just let this slide. Anyway, since I’m changing the way I’m bullet journalling this month with the start of 2017 and all that, I thought it would be good to show how I used to bullet journal. And I promise I’ll show my Jan spread next month.


December was a month of only exams for me and I had hardly anything else to do except study. Many days I didn’t bullet journal and filled in my tracker only after several days.

On my monthly spread, which i make calendar-like, I marked my exam dates with some washi tape and also birthdays.




For my tracker, I wanted to try out a pattern type of spread which I’ve seen on Instagram somewhere. So I tried that. For most of the month I did it but later I just didn’t have the time to carefully mark it and color it. For Jan, I’m going totally simple, which you’ll see soon. This spread did come out well though, and I like it!


Then comes my blog post spread where I write the blog posts scheduled to go up against respective dates.


And next, here are the only two proper spreads in the month. I honestly just scrbbled the rest and missed a week at places. But, that’s how it is! This month I have enough to maintain properly, I think.



The month was sort of fail bullet journal wise, but I did my finals well and blogged too, to an extent.

Do you bullet journal or maintain a planner? Do you wish you did? My best friend started a bullet journal in November and maintained it for A DAY and still repents about it. 




How to make your own page markers — December 24, 2016

How to make your own page markers


Hey everyone! A while back, I bought a notebook to use as my next bullet journal, but I realised when it was delivered that it didn’t come with page markers i.e. the thread you use in diaries to mark which page you’re in. Since I use it a lot to keep up with my bullet journal and open to the current spread efficiently, I decided to make one myself. And I thought, why not make a blog post on it, so here we are!

I’m making this for my Doodle notebook (which I’ve reviewed here).

Materials required: 

  • Your notebook
  • A blade/pair of scissors.
  • Long scale
  • Ribbon


NOTE: This is only for the notebooks which have space between the cover and the pages. Like in the following picture.



Step 1: Measure the ribbon

Take a little more than twice the length of your notebook. Now, just to check the length and how it would be I folded the ribbon twice and put half of it through the space. You don’t have to do this.


Step 2: Cut one half of the ribbon into three strips

Keeping the ribbon on a newspaper, cut half of the length into three even strips using a scale and a blade (or scissors, if you prefer). There might be some strands of the ribbon coming off and making your work look messy, but don’t worry about them. That will happen and you’re doing nothing wrong.


Step 3: Twist the strips

This is to make them thin and also to give a little bit of volume to them. Why? You’ll find out in the next step.

Step 4: Braid them!

IMG_20161127_140443637.jpgI like braids. On anything, basically. I even made a bunch of (like 50 or so) bookmarks for an event in school last year and they were braided. So, I braided this too! (Should I mention here that this was the first time I was doing this and had absolutely no reference? I was just following an idea.)

Since we cut only half the length into three strips, we are only braiding that part. Let the other half remain as it is, since it’ll be going through the gap.

This (see right) is how it looks after braiding.

Cut off any thin strands sticking out so as to make the braiding look neat.







Step 5: Put it through the gap

IMG_20161127_140746387.jpg(I’m using “the gap” so much, maybe I should trademark it :P)

Fold the untouched half of the ribbon twice and carefully put it through the gap from the top, so the braided side will be coming out from the top. The more it’s folded, the easier it will go. Once it comes out the other side (below), bring it out a bit more so we have some length.

Now, if the length of the braid is just what you want, tie the end by doing a knot so it wont come off or staple the end. In this picture, I’ve made a knot.

As for the other little bit of simply folded length that we have through the gap, make a knot with that length TWICE, one over another, so that it will not slip and come out back if we pull the braided side. After the knot, keep a bit of length so the knot wont unwind and you can cut off the rest if you don’t want it long.


And that’s it!


Your page marker is made and you can now be happy with your notebook!

I hope you understood how to make these and this was helpful 🙂 If you make it, let me know how it turns out!



Bullet Journalling tips for busy lifers — November 9, 2016

Bullet Journalling tips for busy lifers

bujo for busy lifers.png

Iridescence, we all have busy lives. Be grateful we take the time to read your blabber. Yes yes, I know. And I’m grateful.

Whether you bullet journal or not, if you have any idea about it or have seen the amazing pictures online, you’d understand that maintaining such beautiful spreads takes time and effort. Bullet journaling makes our lives easier, and makes planning fun and creative. That creativity takes time too.

Today, I’m here to give y’all a few tips on how to bullet journal aesthetically, and most importantly, how to not spend excess time on planning.

1. Have a constant header/layout theme

Not all the time. A week, or even for just one spread. This way, you won’t have to come up with new designs everyday and the spread will also look neat and sorted. There are many spreads with doodles and different looks for every day’s section, but if you don’t have the time, keep constant.

2. Try not to experiment too much

One, you’ll spend time on perfecting it and adjusting it. Two, you’ll have to get used to change a lot, and many things which might not work. Your life is already busy, and you’re using a BuJo to sort it, try not to mess it up by experimenting a lot. A few changes here and there once in a while are okay, but drastic changes would be a problem.

3. Use only weekly spreads

I haven’t done this personally since I require dailies for normal journaling (which I do quite sometimes, just a few lines when I want to) so I can’t speak out of experience. But looking at some weekly spreads in social media, I realise that they could be enough for the whole week and we wouldn’t have to draw dailies again. Big enough boxes for everyday, tasks, next week—and I’m sorted. In fact, Boho Berry’s weekly spread is enough for me work-wise. Would it work for you? Think about it, it might.

4. Washi tapes, stickers and printables are your saviours

Stick ’em, and you’re done! You save a lot of time this way, you won’t have to think about designs, and they look very pretty. Your spreads will look lovely ❤

5. Don’t track unnecessary things

I feel like this is a personal mantra every time I see elaborate weeklies or dailies online. Seeing them, I want to track everything too. But, I don’t have the time. And honestly, I don’t have to track my water or other small things. Keeping up with some more things would just be another job. Unless you want to properly monitor or its important, rethink tracking everything.

6. Leave out small and same-day tasks from your BuJo

For example, forwarding an email to a group of people or somethings like that. You can remember them on your own, and unless they’re important for you to refer back later, you don’t need to write them down in your BuJo and later tick ’em. I did that a few times and found that I spent a few minutes to bring out my notebook, write it in properly and place it back; all when I don’t require that reminder. Every few minutes combined make up a lot of time.

7. Update your trackers and write down notes about your day only at the end of the day

Updating everything at once while sitting down comfortably is easier, and you won’t rush to mark something while on way or on work during your day. Especially for the peeps who track whether they were active on social media (I do this for my blogging) or something else like that.

I took all these points from my own trials and experiences, and I hope they helped!

Do you lead a busy life? Can you come up with any tips to add?

Planning takes time too — October 14, 2016

Planning takes time too

planning takes time too.jpg

I did posts on advantages and disadvantages of being a planner but one thing I did not mention was how much time planning takes.

Sure, planning makes life easier but you have to spend a certain amount of time on it everyday. It does not get done by itself.

How my time is managed:

I spend about 10 minutes every night planning for the next day and checking off/updating that day’s journal.

Every saturday, around 5-10 minutes extra goes for the next week’s weekly spread in my bullet journal.

And every month, almost an hour to set up for the next month. I plan, see what works and what doesn’t etc earlier itself. Also, I don’t do it at once as I cannot carve out the time. Instead I do it over a week, one spread at a time.

As for my blog posts, I usually get inspiration/ideas at any time and write it down in a notebook or make a note in my phone. When I have time, I write down an almost-ready draft of the post in a notebook. I like writing posts more and I can do it whenever so that’s helpful. When I come on the computer once/twice a week, I type all of my posts; maybe making a few changes. I also usually take pictures required in advance and finish everything at once when I’m on the desktop. I prefer not counting the time for this but I guess it’ll come to around one hour.

I also have a blog post schedule log where I enter the title of post I want for that day and put a tick against it once it’s done and scheduled.


If you’ve tried planning or bullet journaling and quit it, understand that it requires time too. In the end, this much time pays off as you don’t forget or mix-up anything and you also have a log of everything.


Are you a planner? How much time do you spend on it? How long do you spend for your blog posts?

Disadvantages of being a planner — September 5, 2016

Disadvantages of being a planner

disadvantages blogging.jpg

In my last post, I covered the advantages of being a planner. In this one, I will be discussing the other side. You might argue that there are no true disadvantages, but I struggle with some.

1. No room of spontaneity

Since I have all my blog posts planned well in advance, I cannot randomly add posts in between as it will disturb my schedule.

For example, if I’ve reached a milestone of followers and I want to do a post, schedule is filled. Or when there’s a sudden collab I want to do and it’s to be posted in a week, I have to remove an already-scheduled post to fit in this new one.  Then I might decide that I don’t want it to be posted so late as the next free spot, which leads to my next point.

2. To change one, whole schedule gets disrupted

I can’t just shift everything to the next consecutive slot because of book tours and dates like that.

Also, suppose I’ve scheduled only book reviews for a while and realise it only later, I would want to change it. This again causes complete change and I spend some time going through all the different posts and how they should be.


Other than these two, I haven’t had much noticeable troubles yet. And hopefully, I wouldn’t either because I love planning.

Do you agree with my points? Can you come up with any more? What are your views?

Advantages of being a planner — September 3, 2016

Advantages of being a planner


Everyone knows that planning makes life easier and being an organised person means you’ll have fewer mixups and mistakes. But actually being organised? That’s not easy.

In this post, I will be talking about how being organised helps in blogging. Even if we’re cluttered in other areas of our lives, at least our blogging is sorted, right?

1. Not having to worry about writing up a post in one-day time frame

Sometimes, it’s not even one full day. A good post isn’t just writing whatever comes to you mind, I’ve noticed, and hitting publish. You have to actually put thought into it, structure it, write it properly, maybe add some images and a personalised post banner.

Earlier, I wouldn’t have bothered but nowadays I want to do it and therefore one day is not enough, if I have to even keep up with real life. Since I’ve started scheduling posts, I don’t have to worry. I’ll take a couple days and schedule it for sometime next week (or month!).

2. Remembering guest posts

Before I took up Bullet Journalling, I would forget by when I was supposed to write and send posts. Due to this, I would sit down last minute and conjure up something. Now, I make a note of it, remember and finish it well in time (provided life lets me).

3. Increased quality of posts

Being a planner means planning what you want to blog about, ways to write it, pick the best and also make a mental note about any pictures you need to take/edit. All of this while you’re on a bus home or in a waiting room. So when you get home, you can just do it instead of think up ideas then.

I feel that my quality of has gone up and this is because I plan in advance. Before I used to open up the new post area and then think.

4. The uncluttered feeling

I don’t feel overwhelmed of like I have too much on my plate because I’m managing everything. I am keeping balance in both personal life and blog.

Planning especially helps during exams because I already have posts for those days and I don’t have to worry then.

5.  The feeling of accomplishment

Every time I schedule a post, even if it is just for the next morning, I get that feeling of accomplishment that I finished it ahead of time. This feeling is also addictive so I continue to finish things ahead of time.


These were the advantages that came to my mind. Stay tuned for a post on disadvantages 😉

Are you a planner? Do you agree with my points? Can you think of any other?