Some basic info you might want:

The blogger goes by Iridescence in the internet because she does not like her real name. If you could have another name, why the ever not?

An 18 year old Indian studying in college, Iridescence tends to obsess over things and tries to do everything. When asked about her, her friends (read: people who manage to stay around her) define her with just two words. Book lover. Some describe her as weird, too, but she owns it like a badge. She also loves planning, and sometimes even manages to stick to her plan and be productive. Her MBTI personality type is INFJ.

Why did she even start a blog?

(To become famous?)

Since she loves taking up new projects and tries to do things she sees on the internet, she decided to make a blog one day. She just got on WordPress, made a blog, chose names out of the blue (although she should have put more thought into them) (blame this for why she chose such a long blog name). Apparently, this blog was mainly to rant about anything and everything but do not be fooled, she doesn’t actually know what she’s doing. She tries to put out actual content, but sometimes they are simply pointless rants.

Random titbits about this (not so) genius person:

She’s a vegetarian and doesn’t like it when others try to talk her out of it. An only child, she might be spoiled but she thinks she’s not. Most of her time is spent inside her head. Hence why she’s quiet and unsocial. She tries to be modest but in heart she knows she’s awesome. She tends to be formal in writing but she’s overexcited most of the time (about nothing in particular, in case you were wondering).

Her absolute favourite things:

The smell of rain. Her best friends (for putting up with her, obviously). BOOKS. Dancing horribly when she’s alone at home. Making stories in her head. Pretending to be on reality TV and exaggerating through life. Speaking to herself because she finds herself very amusing.

For anything more, simply read her posts. She’s signing off to go read a book now.