Okay, HOW. Someone tell me how has this month also gone by quickly? I’m done with my semester 2 finals, am on a short holiday before the next semester begins a week later (yes my “vacations” are pretty much non-existent) and I have done absolutely nothing this semester.

I saw this post on bookfangeek on Instagram, and it is completely relatable:


The more I get into college, the more I feel like I don’t do anything? All my time goes in college classes, work and travelling. *sigh*

Aanyway, this post isn’t about me ranting about doing absolutely nothing in life.


Book reviews I published in July:

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Favourite songs of the month

TV shows I watched:

I had binged three seasons of Game of Thrones in the holidays between semesters 1 and 2, so I continued bingeing from 4. I’m in season 6 right now, and yes I have to watch fast because season 7 is amazing (I’ve heard).

I also binge-watched Riverdale, finally. I LOVED it. I can’t wait for season 2! Jughead is definitely my favourite character.


What I “discovered” this month

This is a new section I’m adding this month, under which I’m talking about any new blogs, youtube channels, authors, whatever else I “discovered”. As in, I’m newly introduced to.

As you know, I finished up with my finals and I have been spending the last week looking through social media. Here’s what I found:


So first up, is Brooklyn and Bailey. My best friend DJ told me to check out Grace VanderWaal, a young teen who won America’s Got Talent. I’m not in America, so excuse me if I don’t follow some of the shows. Anyway, I did check out her songs (she’s really good!) and I saw one video of her performing in VidCon. She was introduced on stage by twins and I wanted to know more about the twins. They looked like YouTubers. I perused the comments until I got their names and watched a bunch of their videos. I mainly like their vlogs, but I’m not sure of all the content so I’m not subscribing to them just yet.


Through twitter I found LilyCReads and checked out her videos. I really like the way she talks and somehow her profanity use makes her videos all the more interesting. She’s definitely someone I could see being friends with, if we met in real life. I watched a bunch of her videos as well, and I subscribed to her channel.


I’ve also caught an obsession for slimes. All the slimes I’ve seen previously are the ones used for pranks i.e. they look ugly and are very sticky. But I saw one video on Instagram’s explore tab of someone playing with slime. Nice looking slime.

I have never known of slimes as something to play with as an anxiety/stress reliever. I have never before heard of slimes in different colours looking PRETTY. I have never before heard of SCENTED slimes.

I. AM. SOLD. My favourite slimes are the butter slimes, followed by ones with beads in them. 😍

I now follow a bunch of slime accounts/shops on Instagram. I can’t afford the shipping to buy them, but I’m going with the “if you can’t play with it, watch someone do the same” analogy. The satisfaction of watching those videos 😍

Here are some of my favourite slime accounts:

I’ve also been irritating DJ by sending him the best slime videos I see. Who else am I going to share my enthusiasm with if not my best friends? Also, I used to share with Hema but she HATES slimes so I let her off.


And that’s pretty much it for this month!

How was YOUR July? Anything notable happen? What new things did you “discover”? Do you watch BrooklynandBailey and LilyCReads on YouTube? Do you love or hate slimes? Let me know below! Also, if you’ve done a wrap-up, do comment the link so I can check it out!