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My classes are over and exams are looming ahead, which makes it the perfect time to binge-watch some shows! So I googled for lists and decided to give Gossip Girl a shot, especially since Aditi absolutely LOVES the show.

To be honest, I never thought the show would be my thing because I usually don’t like shows with drama, elitist circles and all of that. But you never know until you try, right?

What is the show all about?

Revolving around the lives of Manhattan’s elite, Gossip Girl is a blog which reports on all the juicy gossip and drama occuring in their lives. No one knows her (or his, let’s be open-minded) identity. Most gossip comes from “tips” submitted by sources who happen to spot or hear something. And many times, Gossip Girl is used as a weapon of revenge against enemies by revealing secrets.

My reaction to season 1

It’s not bad! This would be my reply. I’m not overly attached with the show because as I said, it isn’t my usual cup of tea. But I didn’t hate it.

The main storyline of season 1 revolves around Dan and Serena falling in love. Yes, there are other main characters as well, but this was the only constant throughout.

My take on the characters:

  • Serena Van der Woodsen: the reformed bad girl who suddenly comes back home a year after disappearing into thin air. I didn’t like her that very much. I could see her efforts to change, but she relapsed a few times. And I hated how she kept a lot of things secret from Dan assuming he’ll judge her. She never gave him the chance.
  • Dan Humphrey: goody-two-shoes from Brooklyn going to the elite school through a partial scholarship. Smart, isn’t like the others in the school, quite judgemental, really sweet guy, and has had a crush on Serena for two years.
  • Blair Waldorf: two-faced scheming “Queen of the school”, throws a lot of parties, loves getting even and revenge plots, worries about image. Childish at times. Definitely my least favourite character.
  • Nate Archibald: poster boy for the elite. Good looking, gentleman, cares about everyone’s feelings, clueless about choices a lot. He’s the boy who’s being forced into a future he doesn’t like by the family who have a certain reputation to uphold.
  • Chuck Bass: billionare bad-boy. Spends most of his nights with girl(s), careless most of the time, has daddy issues, the perfect scheming partner for Blair and Nate’s best friend. Signature dialogue—”I am Chuck Bass”.
  • Jenny Humphrey: Dan’s little sister, social climber, runs around most of the time doing Blair’s bidding in an effort to be in Blair’s inner circle. Also is Blair 2.0 when she decides to go against Blair.
  • Vanessa Abrams: Dan’s best friend, homeschooled, really cool girl to hang with, loyal, and can I just mention that she looks amazing even in casual wear?
  • Eric Van der Woodsen: Serena’s younger brother. Apparently has mental health issues but I never saw any trace of it throughout the show except mentions to the past. That was unrealistic. You don’t just become alright and have no trace of earlier struggles.
  • Lilly Van der Woodsen: Serena and Eric’s mum. Totally screwed up love life. Not a model mum.
  • Rufus Humphrey: Dan and Jenny’s dad. I LOVED him. Such a cool dad.

Why you might like the show:

Drama. If you love

  • watching drama unfold, especially in the lives of (mostly) rich people
  • all the undercurrents of love affairs
  • plotting and scheming
  • lies and cover-ups, and
  • secrets being revealed in a very public way which sets off ripples,

this show is YOUR THING.

I think what I liked most was watching the reactions of characters and further actions when secrets were dropped like bombs. I LOVE big reveals.

Now for the actual discussion part (INCLUDES SPOILERS):

If you don’t wish to be spoiled, do NOT read further. 

I liked this season mainly because of Dan and Serena’s relationship. They just fit, you know? But always the problem of the difference in their lives was something they COULDN’T get past. Dan with the easy judging and Serena with her secrets—they were P.E.R.F.E.C.T. excluding these issues. I really loved them and shipped them hard though. So in the end when they broke up? I was heartbroken.

Nate and Blair were only together because of their families but were NOT right for each other. I was so glad when they broke up. And Blair and Chuck are definitely a better couple.

I did NOT like Jenny. The way she just wanted to be part of the high crowd instead of staying true to herself,even though she kept telling Dan that she would never lose herself. At least in the end she decided to stop and give up. Better than fighting more and ruining things more.

Georgina was a bitch! Sorry for the cursing, but she was. I hated her. I’ve seen the actress previously ​on screen in the movie Ice Princess, where she was as innocent as you can be, and it was a little weird to see her playing the devil. The two-faced thing really worked here. Blair shutting her down in the end was the BEST. I loved how it occurred.

The Lilly-Rufus thing was pretty weird. At one point I thought Jenny and Eric would get together as well, and I was slightly grossed out by the idea that Rufus and Lilly’s love for each other was passed down to their kids. Although I did think Lilly and Rufus were best for each other, I really shipped Dan and Serena. When the kids broke up in the end, I was pissed! Serena asked her mom to not go with Rufus only to screw it up with herself and Dan. No one was happy in the end!


The show wasn’t bad. Not entirely my thing, but I enjoyed it a bit. It’s not like the usual shows I watch.

Have you watched Gossip Girl? What’s your take on it?