february 17 bullet journal.png

Hey y’all! February felt so short??! Like, I did not sign up for this mirage?! WHERE DID THE 28 DAYS GO. I FEEL SO UNPRODUCTIVE.


Anyway. I did try to make my bullet journal pretty. Which I kinda ruined in the end. Oh well.

If you’re wondering, I’m using a Doodle notebook (which I reviewed here).

If you’ve read my January bullet journal post, then you might have seen this front page already.

I actually did a blunder in my tracker. While writing february, my mind was elsewhere and I ended up writing friday. I improvised, but it doesn’t look good anyway. The thing is I didn’t have enough patience to do it all over again.

Feb’s version of this spread didn’t turn out as well as Jan’s, but I’m still happy with it. I did make changes in my march one though.

For my lettering resolution, I tried to do one here but the ink really bled through the page and after that I only did in spare notebooks. Sad that I can’t do in my bullet journal, though.

I wrote this page when I was having a bad day with a bout of depression and poured my heart out. Journalling really helps.

And that’s it! Compared to January, I had very few spreads. Not only because there were less days, but also cuz I didn’t do much extra pages on research, lists etc.

You might have noticed throughout the flipthrough that some lines were scribbled in top margins and emoty spaces. Well, that is a result of me suddenly wanting to write but not start a new page. I’ll post all of them soon.

Also, I’m about half through my notebook and I’m really surprised because I used the last notebook for SIX MONTHS. This looks like it’ll just last three, if I’m careful. I do have more to write, but I wonder. Anyway, it’s cool because I love the next notebook I bought to use and can’t wait to get to it!

What did you think of my bullet journal? How was your february? Also, I usually don’t show my next month’s spread set up but if you’d like to see it from next month, just let me know!