In today’s world, most people have music integrated deeply in their lives. We listen to music while travelling, working, cooking or whatever else. Suitable music just sets the mood. And for moods, we have playlists. Here are a few songs from my background playlist that I like best.

1. Skiss 2 (Summer Heat Remix) by Alex Boman

2. Soldier by Fleurie

3. White Winter Hymnal cover by The Hangovers

4. Viva la vida cover by 2cellos

5. I need you by M83

6. Hymn for the missing by Red

7. Pieces (Nighcore cover) (Duet)

8. Where do we go from here by Ruelle

9. Holes in the sky by M83 and Haim

10. Wherever you will go by The Calling

What are some songs you love to play in the background while doing something? Do you relate with any songs I mentioned?