It’s been so very long since I did a bullet journal post, especially one that shows my bullet journal spreads. I think I stopped when I did all my blog planning in advance and just let this slide. Anyway, since I’m changing the way I’m bullet journalling this month with the start of 2017 and all that, I thought it would be good to show how I used to bullet journal. And I promise I’ll show my Jan spread next month.


December was a month of only exams for me and I had hardly anything else to do except study. Many days I didn’t bullet journal and filled in my tracker only after several days.

On my monthly spread, which i make calendar-like, I marked my exam dates with some washi tape and also birthdays.




For my tracker, I wanted to try out a pattern type of spread which I’ve seen on Instagram somewhere. So I tried that. For most of the month I did it but later I just didn’t have the time to carefully mark it and color it. For Jan, I’m going totally simple, which you’ll see soon. This spread did come out well though, and I like it!


Then comes my blog post spread where I write the blog posts scheduled to go up against respective dates.


And next, here are the only two proper spreads in the month. I honestly just scrbbled the rest and missed a week at places. But, that’s how it is! This month I have enough to maintain properly, I think.



The month was sort of fail bullet journal wise, but I did my finals well and blogged too, to an extent.

Do you bullet journal or maintain a planner? Do you wish you did? My best friend started a bullet journal in November and maintained it for A DAY and still repents about it.