I’m totally doing this last minute, my apologies to Elm!

This year, the blogger awards are being hosted by Elm and since this is the first year I’m participating, it’s so exciting! The deadline is 30th December and although she posted this at least two months back, I just had too much going on and now I’m rushing. aaaargh.

Read her original post about it here.

Blogger of the year – Just A Blank Space

she’s just been doing so much all year round 🙂

Blog of the year – I Bleed In Words

I absolutely love her writing

Kindest blogger –Luna

Most Approachable blogger – Elm

Best new blogger – Zoey


Most positive blog – hope online

Most helpful blogger – Regina

Best looking blog – That Bookshelf Bitch

Most relatable blog – Selfie

Most creative blogger – Jerrod!

Funniest blogger – L

The Wildcard – Teenella