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light up the shining night stars

Hey everyone!

I’m turning 18 in December (yay! yay?). I absolutely do not feel as if I’m ready enough to be an adult, I’m too much of a kid! I can vote. I can drive. Wow.

Anyway, I had an idea a few days back and after deliberating quite a bit, I want it to happen! This is sort of inspired by Auguest held by Luna last month where she only had over guest bloggers for the entirety of the month.

My idea is the #BirthMonth series!

Basically, throughout the month I have guest bloggers post on my blog about their lives. I want y’all to share life experiences, fond memories or anything from your first 18 years (if you’re older).

Interesting story from when you were five; the story of how you were born and everything your family went through; your firsts (word, step, day at school, date) and whatever…

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