Hey everyone! A while back I received a suggestion for a blog post and now here I am, doing it!

We all can’t wait to grow up. We just keep expecting that the following years would be better, but now that we’ve reached a certain age, we are aware of the responsibilities that comes with growing up too.

In this post, I will be listing out some things I would like my older self (in 20s or 30s) to do.

  • Live alone

I really want to live alone, have a house to myself and come home one day knowing that the place is only mine and I wouldn’t have any interruption when resting after a long day.

  • Make a BuJo spread for savings

Of course, this is assuming that I would still be bullet journalling then. But why wouldn’t I? The system is amazing. I want to finally have some money to save. Despite wanting to spend a lot of books and stationary, I get a certain satisfaction in not spending. IT makes me feel accomplished and prepared for the future.

  • Go grocery shopping

Buying what I want, what I would use to cook and meals according to my plans. I want that. I want to make a list and push a trolley cart around a grocery store picking up and dumping things into my cart.

  • Get a dog

Preferably a pug. They’re just soo cute and lovable. I really want to have a dog.

  • Work

I don’t know why, but I actually want to work? This might be because I have absolutely no idea how working life is going to be but I want to go to an office, work, and come back home and rest thinking about everything I’ve done that day. I also hope I work somewhere where I won’t have to work at home after office hours.

  • Go on a solo vacation

I want some days to myself. I want to go to a new place, look around myself, sleep in a comfy hotel bed and not worry about what others want to do and where they want to go. for once, I want to do my own thing and take a well-deserved solo vacation.

  • Buy a bunch of books and not get berated because its from my own money

Did you actually think I could finish this post without even one point book related? If you did, you underestimated me lol. If you didn’t, you know the basic things about me, congrats!

  • And basically be happy

Because the most I want is to be content and happy.

Do you relate with any I said? What is on YOUR adulting list?