disadvantages blogging.jpg

In my last post, I covered the advantages of being a planner. In this one, I will be discussing the other side. You might argue that there are no true disadvantages, but I struggle with some.

1. No room of spontaneity

Since I have all my blog posts planned well in advance, I cannot randomly add posts in between as it will disturb my schedule.

For example, if I’ve reached a milestone of followers and I want to do a post, schedule is filled. Or when there’s a sudden collab I want to do and it’s to be posted in a week, I have to remove an already-scheduled post to fit in this new one.  Then I might decide that I don’t want it to be posted so late as the next free spot, which leads to my next point.

2. To change one, whole schedule gets disrupted

I can’t just shift everything to the next consecutive slot because of book tours and dates like that.

Also, suppose I’ve scheduled only book reviews for a while and realise it only later, I would want to change it. This again causes complete change and I spend some time going through all the different posts and how they should be.


Other than these two, I haven’t had much noticeable troubles yet. And hopefully, I wouldn’t either because I love planning.

Do you agree with my points? Can you come up with any more? What are your views?