Black-Five-Cover-ebook-500x750.jpgTitle: Black Five

Author: J. Lynn Bailey

Genre: YA Fantasy

Status: Standalone

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No one ever accused Penelope Jackson of being normal, nor did they suspect the dark secret she kept. A dangerous web of deceit and secrecy unravels when news of a stranger’s death puts Penn on a collision course with the very person she’s been hiding from her whole life. Her fragile world is shaken to its core with the sudden arrival of Vacavious and she soon discovers the bizarre and magical world surrounding her seemingly ordinary life.
No one is who they claim to be, including those closest to Penn. A mysterious security detail emerges from the shadows scrambling to protect her as powerful forces await the fall of her protective veil on her eighteenth birthday.
Penn prepares to fight against unseen evils before it’s too late. The world of Nighmerianotte and its population depends on her survival, for she is the Sanguine.


Note: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I DNF this book at 41.5%

First, let’s tackle the synopsis. It doesn’t tell you about the story, it doesn’t tell you what happened and what is the main plot. It tells something but is pretty ambiguous. Let me give it a go:

Penelope thought her life was normal, other than having a healing power and also a murder under her belt from when she was eight. After the adopted mother disaster, she lives with her aunt since eight years old. Now, suddenly there’s a brutal murder in town. Questions rise, she starts to suspect her closest of having a secret. Turns out, she is the Black Five-the Sanguine-and the saviour of a whole new world called Nightmerian which is now in peril being under a very evil Vicavious. All the people closes to her are her “guardians” who have been keeping her safe for years along with others she never knew of. Her crush is a Sentinel, she suddenly has chemistry with a vampire she never knew existed, who has been lurking and guarding her.  

Now that she knows about her true identity, her parents’ story and the right path she has to follow in life, will she make the right choice and fight for her people, or will she stay hidden and prefer to be safe? 

How was that for a synopsis?

Now, to the actual story: I can see why it isn’t popular. I didn’t like the prologue, which didn’t tell me much and put me into further confusion. The beginning was pretty okay but I didn’t form any connection with the MC.

The first thing that I really didn’t like was the “reveal” scene. There was no MC finds out through dangerous situ and feels betrayed. Instead, we get a MC is told to sit down and is explained everything. The scene was lame and I didn’t like the MC’s reaction at all. First point against her. Short version, I dislike Penn.

Lets talk about the romance, shall we? She is obsessed with her best friend and he supposedly likes her too but isn’t supposed to. There’s this other guy who has been also guarding her her half her life and only now does she know he exists. *cue to that night*

The guy: “I have spent seventeen years fighting for you, keeping you safe. .. I need you.”

His voice is now angelic. It’s soft. It’s caring. It’s familiar as if I’ve heard it a million times.

First of all, creepy. Second, dude you don’t say that the day she finally knows you exist! I can already sense a weird love triangle.

There was also this journal that informs the MC/you what everything is and explaining the whole world instead of letting us know little by little through discovery. *dump all info suddenly on readers and MC with an encyclopedia of that world* *have MC be overwhelmed, and possibly reader too*

I stopped reading after the journal reading and “I need you”.

Overall, I don’t know. I can’t give a complete opinion since I didn’t finish it but give it a pass. I’d skip it.

About the author:

I’m a mother of two beautiful children and a wife to an adorably supportive husband. Seriously, he’s adorable and tall. Really tall; he’s my high school sweetheart. I’m also a mother of two fur children who are extremely needy, Leo and Vinni.

I live with my family in a small town tucked away in the redwood forest located on California’s northern coast.

I’m quite boring. But in case you’re wondering, you can see what my loves, my loathes and things you may not know about me by clicking the menu above.

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