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Can we talk about May 3rd, 2016?

Such a good day for us book lovers! I don’t know how but so many books are releasing on THAT day. Let me list a few that I will be looking for. And coincidentally, these are the only books I’ve marked early.

Look at that gorgeous cover! I’m preordering it, even though I didn’t like The Heir much. I just want this cover on my shelves. Unfortunately, this book releases in my country only on June 22nd. #Indianreaderstruggles




Even though I might have grown out of the middle-grade stuff that Rick Riordan writes (for example I didn’t really like The Sword of Summer), I still want the old characters back. Percabeth! Caleo! 💜 I want to see Leo reunited with the others too.

There is one book from Jude Deveraux coming out on May 3 too, part of a new series, I might check it out later. I’ve read a lot of her books (only nearly half though because damn she has published so many).

Also, there is one other book coming out next month on 17th that I want to read.


I saw a post by another blogger about the books she is looking forward to next year so I think I will check those out too. Here is the link to it.

Also! I really hope you check out Girl Against The Universe by Paula Stokes which releases on May 17th (because I really liked it!). I have reviewed it here which you might have already seen.

What books are on your wishlist that release next month? Are you looking forward to any of the books I’ve mentioned?


3 thoughts on “Can we talk about May 3rd, 2016?

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my post! You already know this, but I’m definitely excited for The Crown AND The Crown’s Game. I forgot to mention Trials of Apollo on my list, but I’m also super excited for that one. Anything Riordan I must have!

    Thanks for stopping by Princessica of Books!

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