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Watching PKYEK

This post gets funny at the end, at least, I think so.

For a few days now, I’ve been binge watching an Indian TV serial that used to run years back. When it came on TV, I was in eigth grade and watched half-through but left it. I felt like watching it again so I am.

Indian shows are filled with drama, enough to have the cup overflowing. Most times, I hate that. So much drama, pauses where there is only background music and shots showing the people’s faces from different angles for MINUTES- all that wears my patience thin. But if you find the right show, the rest of the stupid drama makes it worth it.

Pyaar kii yeh ek kahani was inspired by Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. I read about vampires, saw a couple twilight films by the time it aired. I was happy because I could tell my mom I’m watching an Indian show and she would let me, while it was about supernatural things. It had a lot of drama, yes, and damn the stupid stuff about vampires. Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually really entertaining, but sometimes the blue glowing eyes made me irritated.

So! A few days back I was uninspired to write my novel, already put a blog post and didn’t want to spam and I decided to binge-watch the show. Let me break what I thought about it into points:

  • Instead of being aggravated by stupid shows of vamp looks, I was amused by them.
  • All the dragging parts with nothing but shots of the actors faces could be skipped by me now, so I didn’t get much irritated.
  • A lot of the funny scenes which I moderately laughed at earlier now made me laugh so hard. My cheek bones ached so much.
  • The Indian humour and dab of drama combined with the supernatural storyline made it unique.
  • I found myself drawn to the family drama scenes more than romance.
  • I found myself basically skipping romance looks and touches and stuff to go to the family scenes.
  • Times when I didn’t skip, I sang along loudly with the background music, laughing instead of going awwwww. 
  • I understood so much more.

Explaining my last point, I mean that earlier all I used to see was the romance between Pia and Abhay. I noticed hardly anything else. But now, as I’ve grown and am more perceptive, I see how one of the side characters went through so much more and was hurt beyond repair, I recognised the sisterly bond value, partners sticking together through thick and thin, one character trying to redeem himself and so much more.

In short, I realised how narrow minded and stupidly only stuck on love my 12 year old self was.

You might want to stop reading here because after this point is very long and basically nonsense that I felt like sharing. It is the funny part, though.

Yesterday, I was watching it and also chatting with my friend. I was going crazy. The most funny part? He didn’t have a clue as to what I’m talking about. Attaching screenshots of the shiz..

I apologise for any and all curse words and profanities in the messages. Oh and I will explain all the hindi phrases. Also, understand that I was pretty high on laughter so my english sucked in the messages.

NOTE: I’m putting collages of two pictures at a time so if you’re viewing on your phone, you might want to change to landscape view.

“Piya samajhne ki koshish karo” translates to “Piya try to understand”. The other quotes after that is me saying their dialogue in a stupid way, trying to be funny.

A few episodes I just read up summary cuz I was too impatient for the main climax scenes, that’s what I meant by the “happening” message.

Hindi telly me feel nahi he” means “hindi telly doesn’t give feelings”

That was me warning him about setting himself up to be tortured by my rants.

*I call my friend DJ.

I typed out the lyrics as I was singing them 😛 “Piya kaha ho tum” is “Piya where are you?”

scnety/senti is short for sentimental. DJ said “one side senti story and one side this” as in this shit *excuses myself to laugh again reading this stupidity*

Lou here is love. The recording had me saying “DJ! DJ! u wont believe this shit he pushed her away! the woman saved n he pushed her away and someone brought her out from above and she is still delirious saying are you my angel but the guy who pulled her up stuuuupid guy I hate him dammmnitt!”. “Baarat ka gaana” -> they played the song usually for marriage ceremonies for some scene relating to some side characters.

“Mama, subheh subheh kyun paka rahi ho” is some girl telling her mom, “why are you irritating me morning morning”. The crude translation of paka is fry. We say, “why you frying me” for irritating.

AAAAND THAT IS IT! I decided to spare him (and now you) of my high-ness.

Let me know anything about TV shows you watch and whether this was even funny. If it wasn’t, well.. *coughs* *slides away*




12 thoughts on “Watching PKYEK

  1. Hindi shiz be addictive shiz. Not TV, but I’m totally addicted to TVF’s Permanent Roommates, though Do you watch it? Also, TVF’s official app has shows from the past like Byomkesh Bakshi. It’s got me completely addicted; it’s better than all the detective-mystery genre shows we gave on TV right now.

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  2. Found your blog through this post and i agree with u so much ! I watched pkyek in 8th grade , left it half way . Recently re- uniting with it , I did actually skip the ‘lovey-dovey’ shots , unlike my 13 year old self who used to swoon over those moments 😂 . I think both of us r quite similar , haven’t watched TV for a looking time ( blaming it on studies and entrance exams ) and I usually boycott Hindi stuff . Drama overload !!!
    But catching up with serial hasn’t been bad .

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    1. Welcome to my blog!
      Some hindi serials aren’t bad, especially if skipping is possible. I still can’t handle the ones that come on TV though—too many face shots with background music 😛


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