Hey everyone!

So Ambi and I thought up to make a group chat for all WordPress users so we could chat and well, we can’t do that here. So! We thought we could do it on Kik!

Amazing idea, no?

Many of you might have wanted to talk to other WordPress members and bloggers but emails are too, i dont know. Everytime I email (I talk to another blogger that way already) I feel like I should type paragraphs, otherwise it’s not an email and I feel weird.

Tada text messaging, anonymously!

If you don’t know what to do:

  • Download Kik.
  • Register yourself or whatever, you’ll know.
  • Comment your username here (the big step!)
  • I’ll add you to the group (which I have currently named ‘WP lovelies’ because I suck at naming)
  • We live happily ever after.

I just felt like providing something like guidelines so typed all of that nonsense. You don’t need to read it anyway. You’re a human, a homo sapien, you’re smart. 

My username is iridescencey *insert multicolored heart because, duh, iridescence meaning*

We hope to see you there!