It’s the last day before Camp NaNoWriMo starts! Get all your prep and work done, your groove on and wear your writing cap on, because you’ve got some serious writing to do.

Let’s get back into exam mode again because I’ve got three entrance exams next month!

Here are a few things I will be doing next month:

Tell my parents and friends about Camp 

Because I cannot be disturbed too much.

Make a countdown calendar for April

To mark the dates of my exams and other events so I will try to prepare for them as well as conpensate the number of words to write on other days.

Start waking up early

I’ve been trying to compensate for all the sleep that I’ve been lacking for the past two years now. I’m ashamed to admit how late I’ve been getting up everyday (not too late, but late enough). I should wake up early, greet the day positively and work hard.

Start bullet journalling again

I started in January and kept up for a while but then I realised how everyday all my schedule was filled with chapters to study. It kind of made me sad that I wasn’t doing anything else so I stopped. Now, I’ll have quite some things to do, so bullet journalling it is! I plan to set aside time for everything including blog posts writing, wordpress reader, NaNo writing, studying, going out with a friend etc.

Read books other than romance

For the past few months, I’ve been mostly reading only light romance books (hence the lack of book reviews) as they are mostly singular books, not series. I’ve got quite a few 2016 releases, and I plan to read them more.


What are your goals for the next month?