I didn’t really have much of a mood to write until a small bit back. I even tried to write a poem with the daily post prompt (you might have read it as my last post) but I kind of hate it. After the progress I had made in poetry ever since I started this blog went up in flames, it seems. I agree, it’s been a while since I’ve tried poetry but I didn’t expect it to turn out so sucky.

Note to self: never try poetry when you’re not in a writing mind. 

I read a few chapters of Jane Eyre today, but only a few. I’m reading this classic slowly, partly because of the language and the words, but also because of the slow pacing until now. Not to mention the descriptive paragraphs! Sometimes, the words string together to make beautiful sentences that I have to mark with tags, other times it feels like there are too many details and I start to skip. Since I vowed that I would read a classic properly, I closed it the moment I realised I started skipping. Yeah, this is taking long.

I put in earbuds and started listening to songs and suddenly, I wanted to write. Actually, before that I was reading through posts in Lewis editorial about writing novels, what to do and not to do. While reading through, I realised how clichéd te beginning of my novel (that I tried to write last year) was in its beginning. Almost everything was something that’s too frequent and isn’t good. I almost immediately started brainstorming how to write a good starting. I decided, I’m writing it all over again (not like I wrote much yet anyway).

After I finished reading quite a few posts, I closed the browser on my phone and put in earbuds. A minute after listening to music somehow I felt like writing. My brain started working and I jotted down a few lines in the notepad app on my phone; typing is faster than writing on paper. I thought up a good first sentence and wrote down a small segment following that. After that, I realised I had to change the order of events and the events themselves if I make this change. So I stopped typing and started thinking about that.

Unfortunately, looks like my mind is only working towards writing directly and not planning ahead. I thought I’ll try again on paper but before that, let’s write a proper blog post that actually leaves me satisfied. So here we are.

I thought about saying the points that stuck with me about first sentences, first chapters and prologues in novels from what all I read today; but I suppose reading the original articles are better. Head over to the link above and read for yourself: there are many articles about almost everything you need to know.

I’m also attempting at using semi-colons and colons the right way. I’m still figuring it out.

I’ll leave you with a question, do you write better—easily—while typing or writing longhand? As for myself, I prefer typing most of the time because when I’m in that space, I just want to get all of it down as soon as possible. Writing longhand, especially with my handwriting, takes long and gets me frustrated. Only sometimes have I had the patience. What about you?