It is hard not to conceal my emotions

When I was brought up

With missionaries of no emotion.

I do not realise when I am asked a question;

That I have not offered an expression with my answer.

It is not natural to me

As it’s supposed to be.

I have been constantly hiding in the shade;

Never in the sunlight to bloom.


Everyone I see,

Hide at least some of themselves.

Truly being who we are and

Portraying our whole selves

Has become like a myth.


Your laughter, your expression

Are something foreign to me.

The way you are effortless at just being

It confounds me

Puzzles me

To see someone show so much emotion.

You wear your heart in sleeve

And it’s oh, so hard to resist

Trying to get to know you.



Slowly you taught me to show emotion;

To not be fully guarded everytime

To trust

To confide

To love.


Today, my love;

I stand here in this cemetery,

Looking down at the fresh dirt piled.

I cry unabashedly.


This poem isn’t even close to good; but then I’m not much inspired to write at the moment. I promise, the next time I try poetry, it will be much better.

In response to the daily prompt Conceal