This post is for all those meaningless, random things that don’t fall under a certain topic together and aren’t big enough to warrant a whole seperate post for each.

So let’s get started, shall we?

I’m almost to 200 followers!! Queue a fireworks and dancing GIF that I’m too lazy/occupied to attach because I paused reading a book to type this. I thought I’ll forget to make such a post and therefore had to type it down and save in drafts, at least.

I’m hoping to reach 200 by the end of the month, since I need just six (!) more people to reach that number. So, um, could you cinnamon rolls spread the word? Thanks, I love you. And yes, I’m trying to butter you up. Is it working? No? Damn I suck.

What’s up with the number 1337?

A few days back WP presented me with a notification saying,”you have received 1337 likes on your blog” the same way it notified me for 1000 likes. Why? Have you guys(why do I always say guys?)/girls (girls? gals? ladies? females? beautiful skinned people??) received it too? 1337.. Nope, I don’t make any connection.

Do you say tomato or tomahto? Potato or potahto? 

Are you sure you want to bother with that question?

This post is going to the dumps. I only had the question about 1337 and couldn’t make it alone a post so added some nonsense. I’m done now. Kay baaai!