8 Reasons Why Writing Feels Like Raising A Child

This is pretty true.. Never thought of it this way

Amina Berg

writing-childThere is an upside and downside to everything we choose to do, pursue or accomplish. Behind every choice we make, there is a good and a bad side. And for some weird and probably scientific reasons our mind tends to focus all too much on the bad whilst forgetting the good. However, in life, the sunny side of all good has a tendency to shine brighter even if we’re too blind to see the light.

Writing for me is of course a choice. When I am actually writing (read: without any struggle, sweat or tears!), I enjoy every moment of it. I guess, one could sayI enjoy every moment of writing but not every aspect of writing.  Regardless, not writing is not even an option. And the struggles are often temporary. 

In for better and worse and as I continue to struggle and at times thrive, I’m starting…

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