Hey you, miss me?

Okay, it’s not been that long.

I’ve not posted in, what, two days? Really sorry! It’s not that I haven’t been inspired, more like I’m too tired to type out short posts. I don’t have time to read books as I have to study and I don’t have the energy to think about discussion posts.

Anyway, to the main point of this post! I’ve wanted to write a novel for so long and ideas keep circling in my head but I always put it off because I don’t have a deadline and because I’m horrible at writing continuously the same thing without a push.

Recently I read this book where the main characters are writers and meet through the internet. They collaborate on a novel and build the story as they go from two POVs-the main characters of their story respectively. They didn’t know each others real names or anything. I found flaws in the story-

  • The other person could have been ANYONE. How could they just trust a stranger online? They even agreed on remaining anonymous to each other!
  • To prove the above point, the male lead was a bestselling author and posed as an ameteur. The female was an amatuer anyway and didn’t know of his writing history.
  • What after completing the book? That’s a huge unknown.

I didn’t complete reading it, it had dark romance and when they got into a kind of relationship, she didn’t know he already had a girlfriend. Did I mention the book was a heavy dark romance? Yeah, not my type.

I was intrigued by the idea of writing partners though. I have previously tried to write with my best friend Kav but our styles are very VERY different to write from the same POV.

After reading the book I thought of partnering up online (if practices like that do exist) but again, those points that I listed. Right now, your thoughts may be similar to why are you worried about someone else stealing your work or things like that? You’re not even a professional writer. Are you sure the writing will turn out to be so good? I know all that, but still. I’m a person who thinks a lot about the negative side or things.

What are your views on online writing collaborations? Would you want to do it, or not?