Is there such a thing?

Lately I’ve been feeling kind of uninspired. I come onto WordPress for, no reason? Mostly because I love seeing the orange ball over the bell telling me that this blog is not disappearing and actually getting traffic. But since I’m not really posting much, I see only the bell. That disappoints me. I don’t blog for followers, but still.

I put up about four posts on March 7th and 8 each. After that it’s like my mind has run dry. I think about discussion posts but I don’t feel passionate enough for a substantial amount of content. I read novels and think about writing reviews but honestly I don’t have the parience to type it all out. Mostly because while I’ll be typing it, I’ll feel guilty about not studying. I waste time by reading books instead of textbooks, do I have to spend more time on writing reviews too?

Maybe I’ll feel inspired enough after tomorrow, my second last exam. The last one is my subject and we have plenty of a gap so I’m not going to worry about that or feel guilty. In fact, I could study computer science and do sample papers for hours per day and not feel unmotivated. I don’t feel that for math, definitely not. I might just post paragraphs screaming MY EXAMS ARE OVER YAAAAAAY and nothing else. Who knows.

Aand I’m out of ideas to even rant about this. Math math math echoing in my head. Gotta go see formulae, and brush up some topics, and not have a panic attack because math. 

Hope you have a great day/night! xx