First audio recording!

Okay okay I finally did it.Β 

If you’ve read some of my recent posts, you would have noticed that I decided to make an audio blog, just to talk about nothing and everything. A lot of times, talking comes easier, doesn’t it? Every time I post here I feel like I should have a good topic to write on, as you are following me for good content and spending a few minutes reading it. In audio I’m thinking it won’t be like that, so yeah. It won’t be utter nonsense (I hope).

Here’s the link to it!

The first time I tried recording a few days back, I hated my voice. Today, I’m just happy I don’t sound like a moron so posted it. I can’t change my voice, can I?

Okay I’m done, have to go do some math. Tata! xx


24 thoughts on “First audio recording!

      1. Your the first Bangladeshi I’ve HEARD to. I’m only internet friends with that person. It’s a teeny bit like ours and a whole lot intriguing. I found myself trying to imitate you XD

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