Daily prompt

Divide: Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Separation of two things

Presence of a concise line between them


Two people once so close

Now on two different sides


From pleasant breakfast every morning

To cringing at an encounter;

Loving embraces

To five feet space


One misunderstanding from her side

A couple mistakes as repercussions;

The disgusted expression of his

Seared into her mind.

The hurt he feels

The wall put up around his heart;

His vow to never trust again.


Two… Three… Four years spent in sorrow

Of what each lost.

And one day it all enravels;

Someone trusted,

Was the one who broke them apart.


Slowly, from the beginning again

Does the relationship form;

Only this time was there

Bridges to cross and burn.

Communication and lost trust

Formed and molded again;

Love in their hearts and eyes

Entwine those souls again.

Curse them, those wasted years

When they lived


On their wedding day

Do they promise each other;

They will never now become




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