Well, I had a personal account and now made another one to blog as Iridescence.

A couple posts back, I had asked about why exactly do bloggers make a seperate twitter account with ties to the blog. Thank you Shelea and Elm for replying!

I was/am intrigued by the idea. My friends are kind of fed up listening to me talk about books so I might tweet about that and random updates that I can’t elaborate in a blog post. Also, I uninstalled Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook in my phone (yes, yes I did by my own will) so I don’t really have anything else to do.

I made the account last night but had to sleep early(er) which was 12:30 am for me. Its 8:45 am now and I’m in my uniform, having breakfast, heading out to write my first 12 standard board exam. (Yes these exams are a HUGE deal) Thankfully the first is English which is MY subject, if you know what I mean.

I’ve got to go now. See you later.

Have a nice day!


Only in the middle of writing my exam did I realise I didn’t mention my Twitter id! Its @mebeingquixotic. The struggle of finding a new username is real.