How many times have you heard that line? Do you really take it to heart or do you let it slide off?

An enormous, infinite, number of situations take place in life where you have to take risks. Every person is faced with decisions everyday, and all of them involve the “unknown”. Whatever decision you make, the future will not play exactly according to your plans and lists.

Everyone is afraid of these risks. A lot of people play safe. Let me be frank-I’m one of them. I play safe a lot. In return, I also don’t achieve anything great; but what do I know right? I’m only 17.

On the other hand, there are people who are obsessed with lists and plans and a set path. Anything sudden and off-track occurs, it throws them.

“Take a leap of faith, dear.” I’ve heard this sentence followed with “It’ll all sort out” so many times. Today, I’m telling this to you.

Any options you have, think all of them over carefully. Try not to leave any stone unturned. Then, don’t stick inside the safety net. There is an amazing opportunity but you’re not sure if you can manage it? You can, do it. Have to trust someone you know is good but are holding back because of some older experience? Trust him/her. Open up.

When an event occurs that requires you to remember this line, you don’t. Someone has to say it. Don’t rely on others to boost you up and take chances. Do it on your own. Starting next year, I am going to, too. College: fresh start.

There’s this saying-in through one ear, out through the other. That’s what people usually do when told something. Especially teenagers; I’d know, I’m one. Don’t just disregard any even slightly motivational post or message to you. Don’t forget all of this. It might help build confidence, remembering all of it later when you’re scared or nervous.

Take a leap of faith. You might just hit gold.

In response to daily prompt Leap.