It’s been a few days less that two months since I started this blog and posted Welcome AboardAnd I’ve already got a HUNDRED followers!

When I began, I knew it would take time-months-for this blog to take off and have more than 20 people at least giving these posts some time of their day and I thought to myself how I should post good content and work well. Every day, with every new follower, I get excited and over the top happy. Now I’m just like, whaaat?

 “20 followers already? Whoa, okay.”

“50! Nice!!”

“70… Um, really?”

“90- already?!”


Granted, since then I’ve added more types of posts like writing and poetry while in the beginning I only wrote reviews. I’ve also drawn up some courage to say what I think and feel, however random. Shout out to all those blogs and their followers who showed me that I can post any thing and it would be received.

Anyway, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for following me and deeming me to be worth enough to appear on your feed.

I love you peeps xo