the infinite.jpgTitle: The infinite moment of us

Author: Lauren Myracle

I rated it: 4 of 5 stars

Wren has had an easy life, although it might be because she wasn’t allowed to take any decisions on her own. Right from what she likes to what’s her future plans, her parents dictate. After eighteen years, she finally rebels and instead of going to study pre-med, she signs up to be a volunteer in Guatemala. The problem-she has to face her parents yet.

Charlie’s life hasn’t been that simple. From a completely different background, he is now a foster kid to a family along with his foster brother Dev who is more like a real brother to him. He has been crushing over Wren for two years and only on the last day of school do they acknowledge each other.

Then follows a whirlwind of a summer filled with love, insecurity problems, make ups and decisions.

The characters had descriptive personalities, deep connection with each other and some level of understanding (its teenagers mostly so expected). Charlie’s foster family were just amazing. I loved them and his relationship with Dev is really cool and humourous. Wren does a lot of deep thinking and her relationship with her parents is strained and shown just right. At times I felt as if Charlie was completely obsessed with her, only going along with Wren’s opinions and loving to talk about anything she says.

The ending could have been written differently, that was the only sour part that I’m left complaining about. The last scene of a book must give closure (somewhat, at least) but instead it leaves us completely hanging. After reading the whole book which was really good, the ending left me disappointed and ruined the book for me. If I ever reread it, I would not read the last chapter by choice and make up my own ending.


Have you read it?  What are your thoughts on the book? I would love to hear it in the comments below!