Just another day in my life as a student. Being a senior in high school and studying for the last exam ever that I will be writing related to my school board, I have realised just how much I can procrastinate. I have been going at a very slow speed for the last four hours! must be because I keep texting and checking wordpress for any notifications, though non-existent. But then, just for a change, I thought maybe I should remember and write down all that I remember studying. Not having a pen and paper nearby, and being lazy, I opened up a new post to write whatever I learnt in short and post it. Maybe someone out there will appreciate it? Nah, I didn’t think so.

This got me thinking that maybe I shouldn’t diversify my blog so much. Maybe I should split it into two-one for my book reviews and another for my writing and thoughts. Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to manage both with all the studying I’ve got to do. I’m thinking I’ll do it later on though. Would it be easier for others on wordpress, if I categorise my blog to one specific type of posts?

Not going to lie, I would like encouragements on keeping my blog to encompass all that I am but lately I’ve been getting critical and harsh and frankly downright discouraging opinions from people in my daily life. Since everyone’s being honest in the real life, why not I just rip the band-aid off online too?

Do I subject this blog to only one type of posts? To only writing or only book reviews? All opinions being heard, comment below.