let the sky.jpgLet the sky fall by Shannon Messenger

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A book about sylphs, it portrays a boy Vane who is a survivor from a tornado in which normally there wouldn’t have been any survivors. For years, he has wondered about what happened and how he managed to get through alive only with a few scratches and cuts. Suffering with amnesia, he only remembers one thing- a girl with dark hair and dark eyes with him in there.

Audra-the best Gale guardian, and also Vane’s guardian is a powerful air elemental and has been preparing for the war for years. Everything points to the outcome that the air elementals will win against the powerful rebel sylph, if only Vane is ready on time.

I’ve read plenty books about elementals and was looking forward to this one. I liked Vane right from the start, although hesitant about Audra. The one thing I wasn’t sure of-reading another book where a girl introduces a boy to the supernatural world. I was a bit scarred after reading the Caster Chronicles and even though the story was good enough, the view point and writing didn’t please me. I was hoping that this would turn out to be different-and it did.

Vane is sarcastic, humorous, pretty much clueless about what he should do most of the time (in a good way) and filled with determination once he sets his mind to something. It was cute reading how Audra thought of him as obnoxious and irritable.

Audra, oh she is one hell of a girl. Determined, loyal, and an avenging goddess-she does everything in her power to the main goal throughout the book, even to the point of not being with Vane because that’s not how the plan was made.

In a world ripped apart to two sides, war on the edge of time and set plans by the higher ups, Vane is given only a few days to completely adjust and train to go against the person who caused Vane’s parents death. He does rebel when he can and also hopes to woo Audra because he has a huge crush on her.

All-in-all, it was pretty good YA novel with some new twists to the story and power of elementals.


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