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“Inhale” book review

Inhale (Just Breathe, #1)Inhale by Kendall Grey

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Pretty good. When I looked at the cover (I hadn’t read the reviews), I kind of expected a young-adult or maybe new adult romance novel or something. I was pleasantly surprised to find that with supernatural elements in a good mixture. For those who can’t decide between romance and supernatural for the next read, this is a go-to book.

Zoe Morgan has come up in life the hard way, dealing with her mother’s disappointment and being called weird and awkward in society due to her dyslexia and panic attacks as a side effect of a triple X chromosome syndrome. She is a scientist who loves whales and her profession is centered among them. The book starts with her having a brand new start by being a director for her own all-woman research team-including her best friend-in Queensland, Australia and leaving behind her boss and ex-boyfriend and the heartache. She always has had a sixth sense, you can call it, with whales. She understands them better and they are friendly to her. This isn’t normal but she didn’t think it was much important.. until she found out about the Dreaming.

Gavin Cassidy, hot rock star, heartthrob of all girls and women in Australia, lives a double life as a Sentinel-keeper of the Dreaming and protector of all Wyldings who wade into the Dreaming. Two years ago, a girl he loves was killed by Fyres and guilt and sadness took his Waeter element away and he has lived an unbalanced life since. Now after two years of leaving him alone, the Dreaming calls for him. And it leads him to Zoe.

A book filled with supernatural elements-Aer, Fyre, Erthe and Waeter, and the neutrals-Sentinels with a plot that takes you round this new world that exists in parallel with our Reality (or Realis, as referred to in the book). It also provides some insight into research of whales and what they do along with furthermore insight into whales itself. Revenge, love, sadness, grief and untimely, unexpected happiness fills the plot as it thickens around all the characters that is just waiting to draw you into its spell. Kendall Grey’s imagination and research into whales and terms related to the theme makes this story feel all the more real.


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