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You know what happens when you get arrested and put into jail? You keep believing that nothing will change and that once you get out you could go back to an almost similar life. That is if you have no one to get back to.

Small prison rules change depending on the main prison guard. A few nights after I asked for paper, the main guy shifted and the new head guard refused to give me any paper. It’s been 6 years, and now finally the head guard changed again. Thankfully this one allows stationary.

What I vowed never would happen, started happening. I’m forgetting small things about Quill- the exact shade of pale light blue of her eyes, the way she carried her hands and how it felt with her next to me.

Prison gets to you, makes you feel like there’s no light anymore, as if you’re stuck underground forever. Carroll, my cellmate, must be noticing the change in me too. Instead of getting me to shut up, he’s now asking things, making me talk. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

Being in prison with some really bad criminals isn’t good, but being stuck here when you did nothing wrong, sucks like hell.