continued from Chance Hearts (Part 5)

Note: The previous five parts were written from the girl’s POV, the next few will be from the guy’s. From now on I’ll toggle between the two.


Years before, when only a few months had passed after Pike and Quill went separate ways..


Apparently the prison officers here let the inmates have paper and pen. I was talking about her, again, and this time I was blabbering on about how she wanted to become a writer when my cellmate, exhausted listening to me talk, commented that we are allowed to have stationary. Immediately I requested some and now I’m making a journal of sorts. Memories fade in time, its inevitable, and I don’t want to forget anything about her.

I had the best days of my life with Quill. When I got arrested and convicted, I vowed I would not forget a thing about her.

So, you piece of paper, you’re going to hear everything I have to say from now on.

To be continued…


-Sumedha Shankar